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Teresa Giudice Slams Joe Gorga’s “Opportunistic” Reunion With Joe Giudice; Claims Joe Giudice “Didn’t Know” He Was Being Filmed

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans may feel like they are in a time warp. Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, are still fighting after a decade.

Teresa’s ex-husband “Juicy” Joe Giudice is now living in the Bahamas. Who can forget the trip to Lake George when the two men physically fought? There was no love lost between these two.

During Season 13 of RHONJ, the Gorgas and Teresa continue to feud. Teresa excluded Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, from her bridal party.

Joe doesn’t even want to see his sister, so he didn’t attend Teresa and Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ love bubble housewarming party. We all know where this trainwreck is headed. Right to the Gorgas skipping Teresa’s over-the-top wedding to Luis.

So, when Joe just happened to run into his former brother-in-law Juicy in the Bahamas, you can bet it was filmed. And then Joe blessed us with the footage. “Both walked into the same bar at the same time. A lot of history there. We have memories since we were kids,” Joe captioned the Instagram post. “I’m happy he’s doing well and looks good. We were both happy to see each other and catch up. Glad someone caught it.”

Melissa discussed the reunion on her podcast, On Display with Melissa Gorga. She claimed that the reunion “100 percent was not planned. We had no idea that we were gonna run into Joe Giudice.” Ummm…okay.

Of course, not everyone feels the same. Former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita appeared on the Two Ts in a Pod podcast. When asked if she thought that the reunion was staged, she responded, “I think Joe [Giudice] thinks it was.” Jacqueline also opined that Teresa knew about the reunion before it happened.

Juicy and Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia Giudice, who always backs her father, had some choice words for her uncle. Gia wrote in the comments, “This is honestly comical knowing you were with him for not even 5 minutes and [were] able to have somebody take a video of the interaction meanwhile all you have done is talked so poorly about my father.”

She continued, “You are such a [sic] opportunist to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my father and use it for a post.”

According to RealityBlurb! Teresa discussed the supposedly spontaneous encounter on Access Hollywood’s podcast, Housewives Nightcap.

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“It was [opportunistic],” Teresa stated. “I had told my ex I heard they were there because my girlfriend was on the same plane. So I warned my ex. I’m like, ‘You’re probably gonna see them.’ If you go to Bahamas, [and you] go to Baha Mar, Joe, Juicy Joe is there,” Teresa explained. “He’s there. That’s his hangout spot.” So, I guess it wasn’t a matter of chance.

The newlywed added that Juicy didn’t know that he was being filmed. Teresa said, “He didn’t know he was being videoed. He told me, ‘Teresa, we saw each other for two minutes then someone else walked in and then they scattered.’ Because it was the girl that was on the plane with them and Melissa didn’t want to see her,” she added.

When asked why Joe posted the video to social media, the RHONJ OG remarked, “Ask my brother.” Teresa continued, “I think he told somebody that he got 10 million views on it. Oh okay, so opportunist. You first talk about him and say nasty things about him but then you post a video with him? It doesn’t make sense,” she added.

Much like all this family drama. Make it make sense. Puh-lease!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]