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Here’s What You Might’ve Missed On Social Media This Past Week

When I’m not watching the Real Housewives, I’m likely keeping up with them on social media. Between some of our favorite ladies in Thailand to digesting the latest Scandoval news, it can be hard to keep up in real-time. But, when you’re a devoted Bravo fan like me, following along is par for the course. Keep reading to see what you might’ve missed on social media this past week. 

Pepsi Defends Gizelle

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. In case you haven’t, what you need to know is Gizelle Bryant, and Porsha Williams are WORKING. Sure, most viewers are upset because of their feud with Leah McSweeney and Candiace Dillard Bassett, but hello… is that not why we watch? In my mind, this is classic Housewives. Gizelle putting on a show about her missing bottle of Clase Azul, whether produced or not, had me on the edge of my seat. However, her antics didn’t sit well with the rest of the ladies. Or even the staff. 

At the end of episode five, titled “Oh Bottle, Where Art Thou?”, cameras cut to a crying Pepsi as he struggled to locate Gizelle’s missing bottle of tequila. The next day, when he shared his displeasure with the other ladies, Gizelle and Porsha made it clear they were NOT apologizing for fighting. Of course, once fans saw this clip, they started coming for Gizzy — hard, too. 

But Pepsi posted a new update on his Instagram and told everyone that he and green-eyed-bandit #1 are A-OK. At the end of his post, he signed off with, “Love you.3000.” Now, I’m not sure what the 3000 reference means, but from the looks of it, Pepsi has some fond memories with Gizelle and the other ladies. Gizelle even commented herself, adding, “Love you Pepsi!” 

Tom Sandoval Slams Mirval Resorts

After attempting to escape the drama surrounding his salacious affair with Raquel LevissTom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules let loose on Mirval Arizona Resort & Spa after they hinted at his stay on their Instagram. 

“I’m beyond disappointed in Mirval Resorts and their decision to post to their Instagram account this past weekend alluding to me staying there this week,” he wrote in his IG stories, captured by Queens of Bravo

“They claim to be a refuge for wellness and betterment, but that is obviously false,” he continued. “They’d rather feed into the negativity and spectacle that has engulfed my life.” 

Remember Tom — no one made you cheat. You brought this upon yourself. Now, you must pay the price. Oh, and no one feels sorry for you. Well, maybe, except for Tom Schwartz. However, his judgment skills are questionable, too. Perhaps that’s why they’re real-life besties.

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Billie Lee And Kristen Doute Fight Online

Do you all remember Bille Lee from VPR Season 6? Well, she’s back in the mix. Kind of. Recently, she made headlines as she was spotted stepping out with Tom Scando Sandoval several times over the weekend. And to no one’s surprise, Ariana Madix fans are in an uproar. Rightfully so.

An online user posted an interesting take shared by the popular Instagram account, Comments By Bravo, questioning Billie’s motives. After being reportedly fired from VPR following her 10-episode run, Ariana was the only Pump Rules cast member by Billie’s side—often defending her from vicious trolls on social media. And this is how she repays her? Got it. 

But it’s not just the fans coming for Billie—try a heated Kristen Doute, too. After calling her out for crying alongside Ariana about Tom’s unforgivable affair, Billie responded with a statement. 

“Ya I was crying because they are BOTH my family,” she wrote. “What were you doing while I was crying!? Literally taking selfies,” Billie continued. Look—family or not, Billie, if Ariana is your girl, you must show some loyalty, especially if you’re trying to weasel your way back onto Bravo. 

Alexia And Marysol Are Starting A Podcast

Ay, Por Favor! Some of our favorite Real Housewives of MiamiAlexia Nepola and Marysol Patton, recently announced their newest business venture on Instagram, and some of you may be here for this.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a hair care line or a chain of restaurants. Yep, you guessed it, it’s a podcast. “We’ll be bringing the heat as we dish on hot topics, celeb gossip & more,” Alexia wrote on IG. 

And, if you’re interested in listening to this dynamic duo dish on the latest pop culture news, be sure to stream wherever you catch your podcasts.


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