The Top 10 Priciest Vanderpump Rules Stars on Cameo

(Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

Thanks to the Vanderpump Rules series, a handful of bartenders and SUR’vers have made bank. That said, it’s been 10 years since Season 1 first filmed. Therefore, the majority of this cast has now (mostly) aged out of the service industry. This means that, minus the Scandoval storyline, the drama has decreased, and really, the entire concept of this series has evolved.

This has cast speculation over whether or not this series will soon end. On that token, the majority of this cast now has other venues, including Cameo, to help line their pockets with, should Bravo ax their series. To note, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval actually used to have a joint account on Cameo. Currently though, their page is “Temporarily unavailable.”

The same goes for Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, as both of their landing pages are also on a temporary pause. In contrast, Lala Kent took her page completely down quite awhile ago.

For the VPR stars who are still-active online, many are now charging top dollar on this shout-out service. If you’re wondering who we are referring to, we’ve got you. These are our findings, which list the top ten priciest Vanderpump Rules stars on Cameo.

10) Faith Stowers – $75

Faith Stowers Cameo
Faith Stowers/Cameo

Faith Stowers came onboard during Season 4 in a “friend of” role. We were excited for this, as she was the show’s first Black cast member. Sadly, her time on-air wasn’t easy. In Season 6, she and Jax Taylor hooked-up, while Jax was dating Brittany Cartwright.

Unfortunately, most of the cast forgave Jax, but not Faith. Things only grew darker after this. Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder reported Faith to a tip line, falsely accusing her of robbery. Following this, Faith blew the lid off of the racism she experienced, and moved on over to MTV.

You can now support Faith’s journey by purchasing a video shout-out from her online. This will only set you back $75.00, making Faith one of the most affordable VPR stars found on Cameo.

9) Brock Davies – $99

Brock Davies Cameo
Brock Davies/Cameo

Good to see that Brock Davies has a job. Kinda. Brock is best known as being Scheana Shay’s husband, but his screen time isn’t always well received. He knows this, because his Cameo bio reads “Look, I’m honest and it gets me in trouble. But I’m sorry for my past but it is what it is.”

For $99 per video sent, our number 9 spot goes to Brock, who promises to supply “some words to get you through the day” over on Cameo.

8) Jeremy Madix – $100

Jeremy Madix Cameo
Jeremy Madix/Cameo

Jeremy Madix is Ariana’s brother. Due to this, we’ve seen him a few times over on VPR. For such a small role played though, Jeremy’s shooting his shot, pricing himself higher than a few of the other stars at $100 per Cameo sent.

7) Peter Madrigal – $100

Peter Madrigal Cameo
Peter Madrigal/Cameo

Ahh Peter Madrigal, the responsible face behind all things SUR. We don’t get a lot of Peter on VPR these days, so if you’ve been missing him, have no fear; he’s on Cameo. For $100, Peter will send you, or your loved ones, a special video, which would likely make their day. His bio also states that he can “make cocktails for your special event….. and I’ll drink it with you!”

At this point, the remaining faces on this list are the ones with higher screen times. Therefore, Peter’s spot at number 7 makes him one of the last affordable(ish) VPR stars found on Cameo.

6) Jax Taylor – $121

Jax Taylor Cameo
Jax Taylor/Cameo

With his new spin-off The Valley on the way, Jax’s Cameo prices are inching higher than a few of the others. For $121 per Cameo sent, Jax can talk to you about the gym, mowing the yard, or maybe even about how he’s adulting now, like, so hard. All jokes aside, Jax has over 500 reviews on his Cameo page, so go head son, make that coin.

5) Kristen Doute – $162

Kristen Doute Cameo
Kristen Doute/Cameo

Just like Jax, Kristen’s also starring on The Valley. We’re excited to watch her move forward on this spin-off, but if anyone out there needs her now, have no fear, as Kristen’s on Cameo. For $162, our mid-ranged priced detective will send someone of your choosing a personalized video, and as her reviews are solid, it’s safe to say that she’ll do a great job.

4) Scheana Shay – $199

Scheana Shay Cameo
Scheana Shay/Cameo

Our number 4 spot goes to Scheana. For $199, this OG VPR star will send your chosen human a shout-out, which will likely be filled with information solely about herself. Unfortunately, you will need cash here, because gold and apples are just things that Scheana sings autotunes about, not accepts as payment over on Cameo.

3) Rachel Leviss – $219

Rachel Leviss Cameo
Rachel Leviss/Cameo

Even though Rachel Leviss left VPR after her affair with Tom was uncovered, she’s still earning a hefy paycheck via Cameo. Wildly, Rachel is in our number 3 spot, as she is charging $219 for each of her personalized videos sent. Honestly, good for her.

2) James Kennedy – $225

James Kennedy Cameo
James Kennedy/Cameo

Proving that he is the number one guy in this group, James Kennedy has the highest number of ratings for this cast. He’s also ranked in our number 2 spot, charging $225 per personal video ordered on Cameo. With over 1.2k reviews, James can easily afford noise-cancelling headphones now for his new airport-neighboring home.

1) Lisa Vanderpump – $295

Lisa Vanderpump Cameo
Lisa Vanderpump/Cameo

Not shockingly, Lisa Vanderpump, one of the executive producers of this series, is the highest priced Vanderpump Rules star found on Cameo, charging $295 per video made. Also not surprising is the fact that “100% of her proceeds” are used for supporting her Vanderpump Dog Foundation, “to create a more humane world for dogs.” Let the haters hate, Lisa.