Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Recap: Tally No!

After Madison LeCroy spewed the accusation heard ’round Bravo world, Shep Rose gave Austen Kroll an ultimatum, and Cameran Eubanks realized she’d never get her groove back, the crew could relax on the manufactured drama and rely on the unhinged villain fans love to hate. That’s right…last night’s Southern Charm brought back Ashley Jacobs who just can’t help herself when it comes to confronting Kathryn Dennis.

Chelsea Meissner is meeting her absolutely adorable father some good food and great atmosphere. They discuss Chelsea’s boyfriend and her decision not to go into business with Madison. After Madison’s Rocky Mountain outburst, Chelsea is worried how Madison would react if they ever had a professional disagreement. Very good point, Chelsea.

Southern Charm Shep Rose

One of the downsides of being a reality celebrity is that when you make a social media mistake, everyone knows about it. Many stars choose to be as neutral as Switzerland on social media. Southern Charm’s Shep Rose is not one of those people. He is known for making sarcastic comments online and he usually doesn’t seem to care who he offends.

Shep’s arrogance recently caught up to him after he posted a thoughtless video of his interaction with a woman collecting cans on the street on his Instagram Stories. Finally, he has responded to the uproar about his crude post.

Kathryn Dennis’ Mother Goes To Court; Claims Thomas Ravenel Drugged Kathryn

While the rest of the Southern Charm cast attempts to recover from the wrath of Madison LeCroy, one thing remains consistent: the never-ending custody battle between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. Thanks to a decision to unseal the records in Thomas and Kathryn’s legal feud, the media has been saturated with every petty move Thomas the couple makes.

Thomas has recently requested full custody of Kensie and Saint, based on a drug test Kathryn allegedly failed. Kathryn has been upfront about substance abuse issues, but fully denies the recent accusation. Thomas has also subpoenaed everyone but Michael the Butler to testify regarding their relationships with Kathryn. For the most part, Kathryn has remained mum on the struggles she faces behind the cameras. Blocks of time with Thomas that have been revealed are disturbing at best. Now Kathryn’s mom is going in to defend her daughter, and she has some allegations of her own to expose.

Southern Charm Recap: Loose Lips Sink Sheps

It’s safe to say that the Charmers Colorado trip has been filled with highs and highs and highs and lows, and last night’s episode of Southern Charm was just as hot and cold…and not just in the natural springs! After a night with the wicked weed, the group munches on a hearty breakfast before heading to the hot springs. Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy conveniently found their way into the same bed, and Shep Rose can’t handle their early morning PDA. You know what I can’t handle, flashbacks of a grown man unable to function because he can’t handle his marijuana mashed potatoes!

Cameran Eubanks and an even more awkward than normal Whitney Sudler-Smith are taking the next plane back to Charleston. After her trip with the ganja gang, Cameran misses daughter Palmer more than ever, and Whitney…? Well, Whitney must feel embarrassed after what when down at dinner with Kathryn Dennis, right?

Kathryn Dennis Violates Court Order By Letting Boyfriend Sleep Over With Kids

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis has had a rough few years.  She has suffered from depression and anxiety, addiction, and a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy, Thomas Ravenel.  She had two small children at a young age.  She lost custody of those children.  Even with all that, the thing that upsets me the most for her is that she slept with Thomas.  Gross.

Kathryn does seem to be trying to get her life together.  Following her trip to rehab, she appears to have gained perspective and is living a healthier lifestyle.  She regained custody of her childrenShe even has a hunky new boyfriend, a country singer named Hunter Price.

Kathryn Dennis Details Mistreatment By Thomas Ravenel; Says He Threw A Christmas Tree At Her Watched Muscleman Porn

Kathryn Dennis hasn’t been talking much smack about former boyfriend Thomas Ravenel. But that hasn’t stopped the ex Southern Charm star from constantly running his mouth about her. Thomas is on a mission to discredit the mother of his children so he can avoid paying child support win sole custody of their two children. He accused Kathryn of substance abuse during her pregnancy. He implied Kathryn had an abortion, though it has nothing to do with how she parents her kids. Thomas has also suggested Kathryn did drugs with Bravo producers.

Amid each of Thomas’ claims against her, Kathryn has had limited response. Her attorney has not had a day off in months, thanks to T-Rav. At this point, Thomas is liable to call Kathryn into court for properly dressing herself or eating three meals a day. Now Kathryn is ready to end speculation that Thomas is the more “appropriate” parent. Looks like T-Rav needs to have his denials on stand-by because now that he’s poked the bear, he has to watch out for Kathryn’s claws.

Kathyrn Dennis Blames CBD Oil For Positive Drug Test

The ongoing custody battle between ex Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis has been playing out in the courts for what seems like an eternity. The two have been in and out of court over custody of their children Kensie and Saint almost since they were born. Accusations have flown back and forth between Kathryn and Thomas regarding parenting issues, substance abuse and more.

The past year has been especially volatile between the former couple in their custody dispute. Although the two have occasionally been able to be civil and co-parent peacefully, the ongoing legal proceedings have escalated to a new level. Thomas has accused Kathryn of continued drug use, requested access to her medical records and even accused her of filing for custody for a Southern Charm storyline. Now, new drug use allegations against Kathryn have resulted in the custody battle taking an unexpected turn.

Ashley Jacobs crying

Without deep-diving into the psychology of it all (which, btw, I’m completely unqualified to do – I took, like, one psychology class in college), Thomas Ravenel, formerly of Southern Charm, is basically the poster child for “what happens when your child grows up in a wealthy and influential family in a town that is built on wealth and influence.”

First of all, Thomas was sentenced for federal cocaine distribution charges while he was the state treasurer of South Carolina.  Let that sink in – dude was a government official having cocaine parties in his home.  And thought he could get away with it.  That’s a special kind of narcissism.  He knocked up Kathryn Dennis, a woman 30 years his junior.  Twice.  He has been accused of sexual deviance and assault by multiple women.  Again: the guy had babies with a woman who is an entire Jonas brother younger than him.  I believe that my one psychology class 10 years ago (OK, 20) qualifies me to diagnose him with some major sexual control issues.