Thomas Ravenel Says Southern Charm Is Weak And Boring Without Him

Thomas Ravenel was an essential part of Southern Charm. Without Thomas, we wouldn’t have seen Kathryn Dennis’ life go down the drain as a result of REALLY bad choices and a broken boyfriend picker. Yes, Thomas brought the drama and scandal but he eventually brought the sexual assault charges, so he got fired as a result.

While some fans are disgusted at the mere mention of Thomas’ name, others felt the show took a nosedive when he departed. Kathryn went on to receive a redemption edit that warmed your cockles, that she has since all but blown out of the water. Fast forward to Season 7. After declaring Southern Charm basically ruined his life, T-Rav showed up on the premier episode. Turns out his surprise cameo didn’t cause the internet to shut down with demands from people wanting him back. Naturally Thomas shared his disillusion with the public  – before deleting his own words.

When Thomas found himself out of a job, he filled his time making childish comments on social media, getting more people pregnant, and mocking his tenure on the show that made him infamous. After a brief appearance on the season premier that apparently didn’t go his way, Thomas is back to his old tricks.

When Thomas isn’t busy knocking people up out of wedlock, he spends a lot of time on Twitter. Poor thing just can’t seem to embrace the fact that a man in his late-50’s with a penchant for unprotected sex and bourbon isn’t exactly prime time television gold. But let’s not forget Thomas has some… personality issues. He took a particular delight in bashing his co-stars and managed to drag Bravo into court over his custody battle.


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Still, Bravo decided to use a clip of Thomas in a new episode – but only because Kathryn was shacking up at his house. Which is an entirely different article. We learned KD was staying with T-Rav because her house was being painted. I suppose all Air BnBs, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and rich friends were second to staying with the man who was accused of drugging her. We also learned the Thomas Ravenel sperm struck again, which begs the question – what the hell is wrong with the women in Charleston?

Thomas must have felt some type a way, he’s so sensitive – because he had a(nother) social media meltdown. Us Weekly shares the scoop. Two weeks after the episode Thomas was featured in aired, he wrote, “Is the show THAT BORING WITHOUT ME,” on Twitter. Are the walls talking to this man? Who brought this up in the first place? “Please move on [and] leave me the hell alone. I’m sorry your cast is that weak. I gone. Live with it!!”

Oh honey, bless his heart. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Tommy wasn’t happy that his latest illegitimate child had been announced. Pro-tip, one way to decrease the chances of unplanned pregnancy news getting out is to start using condoms.


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Shep Rose pointed out Thomas’ hypocrisy surrounding Southern Charm. “It’s not anybody on the show’s fault, anything bad that might’ve happened with him [Thomas]. And also, he really enjoyed it when he was on it. I mean, let’s be real honest here. He loved whatever fame and notoriety. He had a lot of fun with it, so don’t cry over what you perceive as spilled milk, you know, because it was a lot of fun.” Also, not being accused of rape helps when you want to stay on a television show.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Thomas. Except for child support payments, of which he has a lot now. It doesn’t seem likely Thomas will ever return to Southern Charm, based on his disparaging words regarding production. We probably won’t see him, until Bravo goes to his house, films him, and he signs a release allowing his image to appear. AGAIN.


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