Reality Television has made us laugh, made us cringe, and most of all, made us realize that some people are just crazy. Proving that when you get a whole bunch of famewhores in a room to rehash a season’s worth of petty slights, silly disagreements, and passive-aggressive warfare; things can get really scary. A reunion is one place I’d never go without a bodyguard.

Below we count down our TOP 7 Reality TV Reunion Meltdowns. Oh, pseudo-celebs, you don’t ever disappoint!


Honorable Mention goes to Kim Zolciak for making the first season of Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s reunion extra special. After a riotous fight with NeNe Leakes over mistresses and keeping legs closed, Kim tried to gain sympathy by telling the masses she wore wigs following an almost cancer diagnosis.

But did Kim have cancer? No, well, yes – OK, sort of kind of not really, well maybe. Alright, no … it was something like cancer, but not cancer, but she won’t say what it is. Feel sorry for her America! Huh?

Reunion Meltdown #7: Sofa to Sofa, Threat to Threat Starring: Drita D’Avanzo & Ramona Rizzo. Scene: Mob Wives S2 Reunion

Nobody messes with Drita – well except for Ramona who is desperate for her 15 minutes even it means a few reconstructive surgeries. The first half of the Mob Wives reunion featured the continuation of their season-long showdown.

When discussing the Karamona fight at Renee Graziano‘ party Drita started losing it and Ramona wasn’t about to back down. Lucifer she may be but a wuss she’s not! The screaming was so loud and shrill I’m pretty sure people thought it was a bomb drill. Eventually both ladies jump up, are separated, and Drita exits stage left to regain her composure. At least it didn’t come to blows!

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Reunion Meltdown #6: Deadbeat Dads And The Women Who Love Them. Starring: Tamra Barney, Slade Smiley, & Gretchen Rossi Scene: Real Housewives of Orange County S6 Reunion.

The Tamra vs. Gretchen feud had been going on for seasons. At the S5 reunion Tamra exposed Gretchen for cheating on her dying fiance, but in the S6 reunion she turned her dastardly ways towards Slave! Tamra – the omniscient narrator of all of OC’s misdeeds gave the us the skinny on Slave’s child support woes straight from the horse’s mouth: Slave’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Arroyo!

Tamra was so hot to prove her righteousness she called Michelle from backstage. Let’s just say Slave owes a lot of money in back child support.


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Reunion Meltdown #5: Wet & Wild Starring: Suzie Ketcham and a groupie named Sandra. Scene: Basketball Wives S1 Reunion.

Oh, girls… simmer down. Basketball Wives first season reunion went off with a big wet bang. When an alleged groupie accused of breaking up Suzie‘s relationship to NBA player Michael Olowokondi showed up to accuse Suzie of cheating herself, the drama got intense. So intense that Suzie tossed a bucket of water at Sandra, shoved her, and ran backstage!

Suzie was allegedly arrested when Sandra slipped in the spill, causing the paramedics to be called. A video of the fight is below!

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Reunion Meltdown #4: Liar, Liar Stilettos On Fire Starring: Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville, and Camille Grammer Scene: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S2 Reunion

Brandi showed up guns blazing to the RHOBH reunion. Splits Richards thought she was clever referring to Brandi as “Angry Spice,” but Brandi may have actually been Honest Spice. With Camille at her back, Brandi wasn’t afraid to call Taylor out on some of her questionable statements regarding her late husband Russell Armstrong.

And when Taylor tried to get Camille implemented in ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump, Camille quickly set her straight, announcing: “That’s a lie!” Taylor’s shocked, silent response was deadly. A video is below!


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Reunion Meltdown #3: Systematic Foollying Starring Kelly Bensimon, Bethenny Frankel, Andy Cohen, and the sanity Kelly lost. Scene: Real Housewives of New York S3 Reunion.

Kudos to Kelly – she can make the krazy even krazier. At the S3 reunion she accused Bravo and her castmates of “Systematic Bullying” on Scary Island. She walked off, she wore a dress made of toilet paper, accused Andy of forcing her to attend the trip, and she went head-to-head with Bethenny yet again. Girl has no shame.

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Reunion Meltdown #2: The Gangs All Here! Starring Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers, and Briana Culberson. Setting: Real Housewives of Orange County S7 Reunion

Tamra deserves a place in the reunion hall of fame. Her ability to brutalize her victims in intimate, luxury pseudo-living room settings without immobilizing a blonde hair is unparalleled. The CIA needs to hire this woman stat. At this season’s RHOC reunion Tamra and former BFF Vicki battled it out over cheating allegations, deadbeat dads, hypocrisy, and failed marriages. Briana took the stage to give her two cents on the matter of Brooks and Vicki believed Tamra swayed Briana’s thinking.

Tamra thinks Vicki is going to hell. Hey, it takes one to know one!

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Reunion Meltdown #1: The Devil Is In The Details Starring: Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo. Setting: Real Housewives of New Jersey S3 Reunion.

It was the most vitriolic reunion to date when former close friends and family members turned on each other faster than one flips a pancake. It was a twister of screaming, emotions, cruel attacks, and some pretty dirty secret spilling. Jacqueline Laurita was so worried she even stayed home!

It all started with the S2 reunion when an enraged Teresa came after Danielle Staub and shoved Andy when he got in the way of her wrath. Things continued in S3 when the details came pouring out!

Caroline was making accusations about how Teresa treats her family the entire reunion, with Teresa hinting that there was drama in Caroline’s own family, as well! And what exactly was that drama? Only that Caroline no longer speaks to her sister Dina Manzo! All hell broke lose. Caroline of course blamed Teresa for all the issues.


That reunion still haunts us and the upcoming one is poised to be even worse! A video of our number one reunion meltdown is below.


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