Brandi Glanville Chooses To Focus On Positivity Following Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion

Brandi Glanville at RHOBH S5 Reunion

Trying to detract from all the negativity (lies, insinuations, and disgusting insults) she has spewed, Brandi Glanville is focusing her final Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills blog on the positive aspects of the show and her co-stars! Maybe Brandi’s trying to go out on a good note? Or maybe, Brandi just doesn’t want anymore of her embarrassing behavior becoming a story?

I assume, that in light of what transpired with Kim Richards and her trouble with the law, Brandi titled her blog “I’m Always Here For You Kim” (did she bail her out of jail?!) and reflects on celebrating her son Jake’s 8th birthday this week and releasing her wine, Unfiltered Blonde

Brandi then launches into the “BATSH– crazy” RHOBH reunion and declares  “It’s old news and in the PAST!” 


“It’s been a long season, kind of centering on one night that really isn’t worth the attention it was given,” Brandi writes. “I’m tired of it, it happened several months ago, I’m sure you’re tired of it.” Instead she issues a compliment to each of her co-stars, one that goes beyond you’ve got great boobs and long legs and I like your shoe collection. 

Eileen Davidson: “Your house is lovely. Sorry I said otherwise for the sake of a laugh. I really like Vincent, he is super cool, your little boy is adorable, you seem like a good stepmom, and I wish you and your family the very best.”

Lisa Rinna: “I really loved you on my podcast. You made me laugh and rolled with punches. I really enjoyed our interview, and I enjoyed most of the season with you. I think that’s what I’m going to take away and forget about the rest. I think sometimes you make it harder on yourself with your Twitter feed, but I’m choosing not to engage. I really liked a side of you, and you seem to have a beautiful family.” 

Following the reunion, Lisa tweeted about Brandi being sued over her comments about Joanna Krupa. Lipsa also denied Kim’s allegation that she has a record and encouraged, “Look me up baby!” Moving on, Brandi’s compliment train continues!

Lisa Vanderpump: “I had a lot of fun with you and Ken. I will always have a special place in my heart for you guys. I wish Ken the best of health and a speedy recovery.” 

Kyle Richards (yes, even Kyle gets some “praise”, although shady!!): “Best wishes on you and your family’s endeavors. My sincerest wish is that you and Kim could be as close as you ever were in the near future.” 

Kim: “Love having you as a BFF. I’m always here for you, and I hope you are always here for me. You are a strong chica, and I know your family is better for it. You are hilarious, and I love our funny talks and text-offs. Laughter is the best medicine. I heart you.” 

And finally, Yolanda Foster: “My dear, dear Yo, I will see you soon. I love you, you are so strong and so brave! I know you are going to kick Lyme disease’s ass! Anything you need, just emoji me.” 

Brandi also thanked her supporters for standing by her through a difficult season and endorsing her other endeavors from her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, to her podcast, to buying her BS books, and supporting her as she raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]