Vanderpump Rules stars Kristen and Katie

Vanderpump Rules stars Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney and Saturday Night Live star (and Vanderpump Rules super fan) Bobby Moynihan were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live last night.

We learn that Bobby is a huge Lala Kent fan.

About the purple, all-lace dress Lala wears in her talking heads, Bobby says, “Dress is crazy. I just can’t understand how a human being can be so confident to just wear an outfit that’s just like, ‘Here’s what I got!’ I am a big Lala fan. I can’t find anything that Lala’s done wrong yet.” In response to a dirty look from Katie, he concedes, “I get it. I do not work with her; it is just a TV show to me.”


What does Bobby think about Scheana Marie‘s “be sober and be boring OR have a few drinks and be fun” attitude towards Shay‘s drinking? “I can’t take it. I’m team Shay on that one. I feel for the chubby dude who needs help.”

Katie shares her thoughts on Tom Schwartz‘s chat with Stassi Schroeder, “I was impressed because he’s not a confrontational person whatsoever, so to see him standing his ground and just sort of laying into her in a way that was so eloquent and almost poetic was amazing.”

Bobby, Give Em A Hobby –

Jax Taylor – “He should take up crocheting to keep his hands busy so he can’t steal stuff.”

Lala – “I think politics. She’s never said anything wrong.”

James Kennedy – “Meditation so he’ll be quiet.”

Stassi – “Hosting or something.”

Kristen – “She should take up the hospitality business, start a B&B cause she seems like the coolest. I would stay at her place.”

A caller wants to know how many times a week Katie and Tom have sex.

Naturally, Andy thinks this is a GREAT question. Not as excited, Katie stumbles over her words, “This is a… I mean… Since people have been making it so much of their business… uhhh… I’m not going to tell… like, every day, 16 times a day… We have a healthy sex life.”

“We did actually try to consummate our engagement, but we had had too much celebration drinks; that’s why the tacquitoes got burned,” continues Katie. “So, without being too explicit, we consummated it but not to completion.”

Saturday Night Live star Vanessa Bayer calls in and asks Bobby who his Vanderpump Rules bestie would be, “Tom and Ariana, I love them with all my heart. I love them very much. I think I want to spend some time with Katie and her soon-to-be man. I have a little Tom Schwartz crush. I think he’s a real nice guy, so I think him.” Whose drama would Bobby not be able to tolerate? “I can’t go near James. Ever.”

Who would Kristen save from a sinking ship – Tom or James? “Tom.”

A caller asks Kristen why she said her life is a rom-com. Is it because guys pay for their dates? “That’s a huge plus,” she says. “Because I’m being treated well. I’m being wined and dined.”

Poll – Do you think Katie should forgive Stassi?

No – 55%

Yes – 45%

In other news, we learn that Lisa Vanderpump kicked Kristen out of PUMP this past weekend, but when asked why, Kristen pleads the fifth. Boo. Come on, Andy, you could have tried harder to get her to spill.


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