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Lisa Vanderpump believes true love can happen on Vanderpump Rules, although not without some serious trials and tribulations. This season Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney will put her theory to the test.

The scandal plagued couple finally becomes a symbiotic unit when they tie the knot, but Lisa reveals their I Do nearly ended with an I Don’t!

“The journey towards the wedding was pretty much a roller coaster.” reveals Lisa. “It just seemed so complicated, the scenario – you’ve got all these people with different opinions.”


“I’m not gonna give away what happened,” continues Lisa, “but something big went down and I think it changed things.”

“I got more involved than I normally would,” admits Lisa, who also officiated the ceremony. Because she had to, to thwart a potential disaster, it seems.

“I love them both individually,” Lisa explains to E! News, “and sometimes when they were together – especially me now seeing the footage because I was not there when a lot of it was shot – it was quite sad in some ways.”

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“But, it’s a journey. And I think people will be invested in what transpires this season, definitely. Ultimately, they got married, so we do know the ending. Katie, really, she did a great job,” praises Lisa, “because it can’t be easy to get married on reality television.”

With all the serious heart-wrenching drama, from heartbreak, drug and alcohol abuse, to cruel comments, Lisa believes it’s important to show the “un-orchestrated” drama, as is. “We might not show the best moments,” she jokes, “but we definitely show the worst!”

But switching to a serious tone Lisa explains why the show doesn’t hide embarrassing or awkward moments. “I think these people as a group have enough of a life of their own that they make the decisions and we merely document them.”

“If it’s a component of the dynamic, and it changes the dynamic – it’s your reality that’s happening,” Lisa adds. “And it’s your responsibility, as a producer, to try and tell the true story.”

Lisa concludes by dishing on the cast, from Stassi Schroeder to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

But first James Kennedy, who Lisa reminds us “literally lost it” in the season premiere. He isn’t slowing his crazy train down anytime soon! “I think he was going through something really traumatic in his eyes.”

Lisa sighs that Stassi is “the bane of my life.” She is less enthusiastic about her full-time return to the show. “Our relationship – it had to change, because I’m not her employer anymore. Even though, ostensibly I suppose she works for me on Vanderpump Rules, but I can’t hold the reigns anymore. And that’s that,” says Lisa, rolling her eyes (rolling them in a way that is not indulgent, but annoyed. Visibly.).

Brittany’s hook-up with Kristen, and Jax’s gossiping about it, will continue to be an issue on the show.

Lisa snorts that Brittany and Jax’s relationship isn’t exactly going well – even now. “In the unlikely event that you were doing this with one of your friends, which to me seems ridiculous if you’re in a committed relationship, not only do all your friends know, but it’s broadcasted on national television.” she quips. “I would slap [Jax] on the side of his head!”

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“I don’t think she’s willing to forgive him that quickly. But she is such a lovely girl,” Lisa adds. “She is such a nice girl.” Although Lisa implies Brittany should not have been surprised by Jax‘s disregard for her feelings.

Jax is… if he’s not exactly in the middle of a scenario or confrontation that’s going down, he will be in the middle of talking about it,” Lisa complains. “He was like that before we did the show; he will be like that after – he’s just right in the middle of everyone’s business. And also, he does not care! He’s honest about being dishonest. He’s a unique character. I can pick’em.”


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