All hail the President of the Real Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump.  The Vanderpump Rules star was on Watch What Happens Live last night to accept her new position and to dish on her co-stars’ shenanigans. Lisa admitted that she has Brandi Glanville blocked on her phone, says that she thinks Brittany Cartwright is denying the Kristen Doute hookup for her parents’ sake and defends James Kennedy’s bad behavior a little bit.

What did Lisa think of Tom Sandoval‘s new highlighted hair? “I didn’t like it.” Andy then plays a Kristen montage and asks Lisa if Kristen will ever be able to convince people that she isn’t psycho? “I don’t know, I think we’ve got too much evidence that she is.” Will Kristen’s relationship go the distance? “It’s gone on a lot longer than we thought, right? But I mean we have a little hiccup this episode, isn’t that kind of relevant?”

Andy plays the clip of Lala Kent venting to James about Katie Maloney and ends with calling her a blob. Lisa says, “I think she’s full of it. And then she kind of backs down. She’s got this gangster side and then..” Andy jumps in with, “she’s really vulnerable.”


On to the topic of #MuffinGate, does Lisa believe that Kristen went down on Brittany? “I hate to say it because I love Brittany, but yes, I do. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I think yes. So, for the first time ever Jax might be telling the truth.”

On James saying that Katie looks pregnant, Lisa is appalled. “That’s so rude, I wanted to slap him. She’s a beautiful girl. She’s what? A size 4, for God’s sake! I mean, he’s like a skinny little ass. He only weighs like 80 lbs, so no wonder.”

Andy plays a clip of James sobbing about his dad leaving. Lisa says, “He’s truly heartbroken.” Andy asks if Lisa forgives him because he’s going through this ‘moment.’  She says, “I’ve made so many allowances for him but even seeing that actually makes me tearful because I know he was so distraught.” She says she doesn’t know his parents very well, but she saw how desperately James wanted his parents to stay together. “I see it had this kind of affect on him, he started drinking. Listen, I AM making excuses for him!” Andy says “yes you are!”

They turn back to Kristen and Brittany‘s “fling” and wonder if Brittany is just denying it because she knows her family is watching. Lisa says, “In the unlikely even that Ken walked into my bedroom and I was chomping on Kyle’s coochie, do you think he would be SHARING it and relishing it? But Jax always wants to be in the middle of something”

Andy announces that Lisa won “President” in the “Real Housewives Awards: Decision 2016.” She promises to drink rose and uphold the laws of the clubhouse and receives an advance copy of Andy’s new book.

Why does Lisa give James so many chances and what does he bring to the table at her restaurants besides drama? “That is a good question. I’ve actually said I’m foolish in many respects for giving him so many chances, but I’ve made allowances for him because I’ve seen him struggle emotionally and I feel that it’s responsible for a lot of his breakdowns. He actually is quite a good guy. Does he have a drinking problem? Yes, I think he does.” She says that James is a very good DJ and admits that he’s worked really well at SUR. She does reveal that as we watch the season we will see that she doesn’t give him quite so many chances.


A viewer asks Lisa if she thinks Scheana got a nose job. “I didn’t realize that until I saw this episode. She looks very, kind of neat and all that but I didn’t realize it.” When Andy comments that Scheana looks really thin, Lisa says, “Oh she’s lost a lot of weight. I mean, she’s a beautiful girl. Maybe she lost weight from her nose, I don’t know.”


If she had to hire one person back right, would she choose Stassi or Kristen? “Ohhh. Oh God. Please, I think I’d rather not be resident than do that. I guess it would have to be Stassi, because Kristen, as we’ve seen, likes to get in the middle of everything.”

Lisa and Andy talk about Jax and Brittany having a real relationship this season. Lisa says she couldn’t believe Jax saying that “of all the restaurants” Brittany could work at, she’s at SUR working with him. Lisa thinks Jax has selective memory since he’s the one who was BEGGING her to hire Brittany last season. Lisa also shares that Brittany is really good and her job and is dependable.

A caller asks if Lisa had heard about Lala’s married boyfriend before? “I’d heard a rumor, but I haven’t seen anything concrete and I don’t know his name but everybody was talking about it. I have to give her the benefit of the doubt, she kind of denies it to me. I don’t know. Listen, as long as it’s not my husband…,” she laughs, but adds in seriously, “I don’t condone that in any way, shape or form.”

When is the last time she spoke with Yolanda Hadid or Brandi and what is her relationship with Lisa Rinna at the moment? She says she just ran into Yolanda and things are better than they used to be between them. She says health-wise Yolanda seems to be doing quite well.  As for Brandi? “No, nothing much. Only received a negative text from her, so I’ve got the block button on that one.”  As for Lisa Rinna, we’ll have to watch and see on the new season of Beverly Hills. “It was very hard for me to go back because I felt like I took such a beating. I have a little go her at her, sorry, but I loved every second of it.”

Dorinda Medley and Siggy Flicker both made an appearance to accept their new “positions” in the Real Housewives cabinet.

The rest of the winners of the Real Housewives: Decision 2016:

·         President: Lisa Vanderpump

·         Chief of Staff: DonJuan Clark

·         Secretary of Shade: Kenya Moore

·         Plastic Surgeon General: Siggy Flicker

·         Director of Housewives Relations: Heather Dubrow

·         Secretary of the Interior Design: Heather Dubrow

·         Speaker of the Housewives: Dorinda Medley

·         Style Ambassador: Kyle Richards

·         Head of the Real Bureau of Investigation: Meghan King Edmonds

·         Chief of Laughs: Milania Giudice



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