All of the Vanderpump Rules viewers know that  Scheana Marie has been trying to be friends with Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute since the start of the show. She was not initially accepted into the clique, but these days her status with the trio is on and off. Now it’s super complicated thanks to her revived friendships with Ariana Madix and LaLa Kent.

As of this very second, it seems like Scheana, Ariana, and LaLa are trying to establish themselves as a trio. With that said, Scheana has no issue talking smack about anyone outside of her new squad.


Scheana talked with Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi on her Mouthing Off podcast about the ever-changing group dynamics within the cast. Olivia optimistically asked, “Do you think Stassi and Ariana will ever get along?” And Scheana had no choice but to start laughing and just blurt out “No.”

After the laughter subsided she explained, “Stassi is just not her cup of tea. She thinks she’s annoying. She thinks that she tries hard. She doesn’t want to be friends with her. She really just doesn’t.” She made that pretty clear in multiple episodes, interviews, and social media posts. Ariana has zero interest in befriending Stassi no matter much they bonded talking about murder at Katie and Tom Schwartz’s wedding.

Scheana also made this comment: “Even though Stassi and I are like on good terms, everything that’s happened in the past with her, Ariana is just like ‘This is the type of person that you are. Sure, you can grow, but do you ever really fully change? Or are you still that selfish little girl inside?'” I have a feeling they are not “on good terms” these days. That’s just a hunch. Then again, that is something that can change at the drop of a hat.

Scheana explained why the last season finale was such a pivotal night for her friendships within the cast: “It was the night of the finale and I was just like ‘I need to watch this with someone.’ And [Ariana] was like, ‘I’m scheduled to work tonight, but the second I’m off, I will come straight over.'” That was considerate of her.

But this is the part that really upset Scheana: “Everyone else- I mean I get it, it was Tom and Katie’s wedding. That was a huge day for them and a huge moment, but they were having a huge public viewing party- which I was invited to. But it’s like do you really think I want to watch my divorce in front of a hundred people I don’t know? No. Even though that day was about Tom and Katie I felt it would have been nice for one of them to text.” I have no idea where her relationships were with the other cast members at that time- like I said, that is something that is constantly changing and for all I know none of these people were on speaking terms. Still, it doesn’t take much effort to send a text.

The patron saint of SUR, Brittany Cartwright, sent one. Scheana recalled, “Brittany reached out and Ariana was there for me, but it was like nothing [from the rest of the cast] and I thought that was kind of shitty.”

No word on whether LaLa came through with a considerate text for Scheana, but the two are tied at the hip these days. Scheana explained, “We can go to the gym together. We have so many things in common and I feel like this last year was a year wasted because we could have been friends and getting closer. So it’s like we are trying to make up for lost time. I talk to her almost every day and I think she’s awesome.” And it’s the perfect way to annoy Stassi and Katie… not that they’re friends out of spite or anything like that.

Olivia asked Scheana if she is actually afraid of Stassi, Katie, and Kristen and she said, “Not anymore, but I was. Not Kristen, but Stassi and Katie are very intimidating people.” I can see that. I know Kristen gets a bad wrap for being “crazy,” but she seems like a pretty generous friend to me.

Scheana explained, “I shouldn’t have anxiety being friends with someone. It got to a point where I would see Stassi or Katie’s name on my phone I was like ‘Shit. What Did I do? What are they mad at me for?’ I shouldn’t feel that way when my friends text me, but never with Kristen. I hate that Kristen gets lumped in with them because Kristen has been amazing friend to me.”

It kind of seemed like there was hope for all the girls to get along and turn up as a cast when I was watching the reunion. Katie and LaLa both apologized to each other and it actually seemed (kind of) genuine, but obviously that was short-lived. Scheana wasn’t buying the apology exchange. She described Katie at the reunion by saying, “It’s not like she was edited this way. It’s how you were and she kind of had to make up for all of that. I do feel they both owed each other an apology and they got it.”

Scheana maintains that she doesn’t care about what the other ladies in the cast think about her. It’s a little tough to believe since she’s been trying her best to get their approval since Season 1. Scheana asked, “I’m like why do you care what I say? If you don’t like the things that I say, don’t be my friend.”

Scheana even claimed, “I find it weird that some of the cast has Google alerts on me. I find it really weird that they read every interview I do. They listen to every podcast I do, and I’m like ‘How do you have the time? And why do you want to listen to my voice all the time?’ It’s weird. I don’t get it.”

And she even said, “I guarantee you, they’re listening to this.” And if that’s the case, maybe they’re reading this post. It looks like the next Vanderpump Rules season is going to be tense with girl on girl drama. I’m just hoping my girl Brittany doesn’t get caught in the middle of the opposing squads. Thankfully we have the Toms for comic relief.

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