Kristen Doute and James Kennedy defend themselves

I get it: it’s so easy to hate on James Kennedy, but he really is entertaining. I don’t know how I would feel if we were a part of the same friend group, but as a viewer who (sadly) doesn’t get to hang out with the cast, I am always laughing whenever he’s on screen. Still, I totally understand why he’s a polarizing figure on Vanderpump Rules. We need that though to keep the show interesting.

I’m sure Kristen Doute would disagree with me on that and I don’t blame her. James has been dragging his ex (and the reason he is even on this show) every single chance he gets. He even admitted at the last reunion that he used Kristen to become a cast member. We all saw that throughout the course of their relationship, but it was just pretty cringe-worthy to watch him say out loud.


James talked even more shit about Kristen in his interview with Olivia Caridi for her Mouthing Off podcast.

Without any hesitation, James declared, “Kristen used me as much as I used her. I said that on the reunion because I just wanted to get everyone’s bubbles riled up.”

James continued to lay into Kristen: “Without me, she wouldn’t have had a story line that year. No one liked her. No one was her friend and the second we broke up, it took two days for Jax [Taylor] to say ‘Let’s go kickboxing together.’ Jax took me aside and said, ‘We’re not going to leave her in the mud. We can’t leave her behind. She’s one of the OG cast [members].’ So I was like, ‘Okay. I feel that. Whatever. F-ck you, Jax,’ and I just walked off.”

James concluded, “It’s funny how things work. As much as you can be hated, if you have nothing left, you can technically be invited back into the circle of doom.” I’ll never truly understand the relationship boundaries on this show, but this cast is full of some of the most forgiving people I’ve ever seen. These people have really come back from some pretty outrageous behavior to be best friends again.

Olivia asked, “Is there anything about your relationship with Kristen that you miss?” James said, “The free gifts and the breakfast in bed.” Wow.

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Olivia wondered, “Who do you like on the show?” James said, “Everyone… except Kristen and Katie [Maloney]. I don’t like Katie very much. I just think Katie always looks like she smells a fart and I hate her fashion sense. She dresses so horribly. And then Kristen, I don’t like her because she’s my ex girlfriend.” Katie’s reunion outfit came up again later in the interview and James said, “Did you see her reunion dress? It looked like someone ripped it from the side.” Who knew that James was such a fashionista?

Who does James actually like on the show? He said, “I like [Tom] Schwartz.” Who doesn’t like Schwartz? He seems like the nicest guy on the planet and he’s hilarious. He said, “I like Jax.” For the record, I am so on board for Jax and James bromance after their hilarious interactions during the reunion. I think it would provide some hilarious scenes. He added, “I love Scheana [Marie]. I love Ariana [Madix]. I love LaLa [Kent]. I like Lisa Vanderpump too.”

Of course James likes Lisa. She changed his life with this show, but Olivia couldn’t help point out the obvious: “You kind of bit the hand that fed you a couple of times.”  He commented, “I could never be mean to Lisa. A little bit disrespectful – [I] did bite the hand that fed me.” Yeah, he definitely did. Luckily for him, he’s good friends with Lisa’s son Max Todd.

James even said, “We’re good. It’s funny. I actually hang out with Lisa more than any of the other cast members I think. I see her at Pump all the time. I have dinner with her and Max all the time. It’s like Sunday dinners, I’ll be invited sometimes and I’m sure she’s not inviting Jax.” I wish she did though – and had the Vanderpump Rules camera crew along to film the meal because Lisa and Jax scenes are usually hysterical.


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