Jax Taylor Says He Didn’t Accept Job Offer In Tampa Because His Father Died; Shep Rose Doesn’t Understand Why Naomie Olindo Tracks Craig Conover’s Location On Her Phone

The Bravo clubhouse got pretty bromantic when Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor and Southern Charm cast member Shep Rose joined Andy Cohen during last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode.

Shep admitted that he doesn’t watch Vanderpump Rules and Jax admitted that he doesn’t watch his own show or Southern Charm. Nevertheless, they both had a lot to say about the drama on each other’s shows.

Andy asked Shep how he felt about former Relationshep love interest Peyton Pritchard moving to Charleston and appearing on Southern Charm. He declared, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Andy wondered, “Any chance of rekindling that flame?” Shep shared,  “Well, I think she kind of took a liking to ole Austen [Kroll]. They went to college together.” Andy teased that Austen was “Shep Junior.”

Moving the conversation to Vanderpump Rules, Andy asked Jax, “You don’t actually watch the show, do you?” Jax confessed, “Can I be honest? I just want wanted to watch myself on TV. I mean, what the f**k? I don’t want to watch that.”

Then Andy twisted the knife in further when he played clips of Brittany’s (short-lived) life as a single lady before he asked, “Fun to watch?” Jax answered, “It’s so long ago. I was intoxicated too. I don’t remember much of that night.”

After playing several clips of Jax’s escapades as a SUR bartender- cursing out his coworkers, throwing up middle fingers, breaking glasses, and refusing to make “hard drinks,” Shep commented, “That’s not the Jax that I know. What a good man this guy is.”

After Jax saw footage of Stassi Schroeder’s now-ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher telling Lisa Vanderpump that she “has a great ass” and that he “loves to watch her walk away.” Jax was shook. Even he couldn’t help sitting there with his mouth wide open in total shock. Jax reacted, “He said that!?”

Andy pointed out, “You’re shocked. You haven’t seen this?” Jax admitted, “No. He makes me look like a saint.” Andy joked, “Jax wants him to stay on the show.” Jax commented, “Please.” Patrick “won” a poll asking about who was a worse boyfriend to Stassi, so maybe having Patrick on the show would help out his image… Or anyone’s image for that matter.

Jax wasn’t the only one subjected to watching clips of his less-than-flattering moments on Bravo. After a montage of Shep’s reality TV dating history, Jax told the Southern Charm star, “Come on our show, dude.”

When asked about Jax cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers, dumping her, and then getting back together, Shep tried his best to be supportive. He said, “They’re together now. Can we at least celebrate that?” Not until the reunion episodes air.

A caller asked, “Since you two are the biggest womanizers on Bravo, who has slept with more people?” Andy said, “Oh, this is a good question.” Jax disagreed and told him, “This is a terrible question.”

Shep admitted, “I have no idea of my number.” Jax concurred, “I don’t either.” Absolutely no one was shocked by either response. Shep added, “I can do some math backwards.” Shep looked at Jax and asked, “You know, don’t you?” Andy told Shep, “He has no idea. Are you killing me?” Jax didn’t answer the question, but he did say, “Brittany’s the last. That’s all that matters.” The viewers voted in a poll and 64% of them thought that Jax has the most notches on his belt.

Jax was asked about the validity of the job offer to do social media for a hockey team in Tampa. He insisted, “That was 100% real. The main thing that stopped me was the timing. I just lost my father. The reason that I was going to Florida- the main reason- I obviously love hockey and I got the opportunity, but the main reason was to be closer to my father. Once he passed away, I just wanted nothing to do with Florida.”

A viewer asked, “What is Shep’s take on JD’s [Madison] infidelity?” Shep answered,  “I’m not the best person to talk about infidelity… because I don’t ever make any promises. That’s my brilliance.” He added, “I never have to explain myself. It’s kind of amazing.” Oh, boy…

Andy declared “Peter Pan Syndrome.” That remark did not sit well with Jax who ranted, “Why do people say ‘Why don’t you get in a relationship? Why don’t you settle down?’ Why? So you can be divorced like everyone else in the world?” Andy told him, “At some point then, you become a man.” And then Jax turned the tables and asked, “So getting married makes you a man? Why aren’t you married?” Shep agreed and pointed in Andy’s direction.

Shep told Andy, “You are just as bad as we are. That’s the crazy thing.” Andy confessed, “This is horrible. This is my worst nightmare. Oh my god. Jax is right. What am I going to do?”

Then a viewer asked Shep, “Does Naomie’s [Olindo] stalking concern you a little bit? What do you think of the way she treats Craig [Conover]?  Shep answered, “I mean, I… I love Naomie. I think she’s very bright and fun, but why would you want to know where Craig is? He’s almost never anywhere.” Shep added, “He’s like, ‘Hey, still on the couch.'”

Andy came to Craig’s defense and told Shep, “I love Craig.” Shep countered with, “I love Craig too.” Andy told Shep, “You’re so hard on Craig.” Shep admitted, “I am hard on Craig. You’re damn right.”

Andy asked, “Is he hard on you?” Shep answered, “Well, he tries, but I have thicker skin, I think.”

A Vanderpump Rules fan asked Jax, “What advice would you give to Jax Season 1?” Without hesitation, Jax answered, “Keep your dick in your pants.” Andy agreed and said, “That’s very good advice.” Yes, but the show really wouldn’t be the same.

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