Ariana Madix Disappointed Reconciliation With Kristen Doute Was Not Featured On Vanderpump Rules

Remember when Vanderpump Rules kind of revolved around the crazy antics of Kristen Doute being obsessed with her ex? No, I’m not talking about her current obsession with James Kennedy. I am referring to her former (?) obsession with Tom Sandoval. She made the life of Ariana Madix, Tom, and even her friends a living hell. I fondly recall her uttering borderline insane things like, wishing Ariana would get hit by a Mack truck (but not die, just become horribly maimed). After Jax Taylor word on the street told her Tom had been unfaithful to Ariana on a boys’ trip to Miami, she stalked located a random female with some unfortunate facial fillers and brought her to SUR to have a face to face showdown with Tom. At one point she even cornered a grieving Ariana at SUR and called her the c-word, and those are the things on the low end of Kristen’s psychosis.

But time heals all wounds, I guess. Though in proper society, you don’t come back from some of those things. Fortunately for most of the cast, Kristen has gone on to terrorize other people in her life. Tom and Ariana seem to have forgiven Kristen for her personal attacks, insane displays of emotion, and drunken hysterics. Now we are witnessing the birth of a brand new relationship, Kristen and Ariana’s friendship. Without context, it seems rather…odd. And that’s putting it nicely. But how did any of this go down? Was it all a dream? Did we just imagine Krazy Kritter’s 19 personalities wreaking havoc on society? Ariana shared the scoop on how such an unlikely duo joined forces and became “friends”.

As I sat in bewilderment over a date night between Ariana and Kristen on the last episode of Pump Rules, I found myself wondering how this came about. I’m all for peace and love generally, but this was too weird for me to grasp. Ariana gave Page Six the deets on the advent of #Kristana, “It happened two years ago,” Madix, 33, recently said. “So if you feel angry about not seeing it send your complaints to Bravo because they have the footage.” Yes, I would like to see this footage. Is Ariana under the influence of mass hypnosis? Perhaps she sought counsel with the hipster oracle, who waved her arms and chanted in Ariana’s general direction.

“They [Bravo] chose apparently not to follow that and it was all — most of it was — a lot of it was on camera and they just didn’t.” Bravo has it’s hands full with the rest of this alcoholic tumultuous crew, and we all know focusing on something positive isn’t at the top of their list to air. Thank goodness for the consistency of cast members like Katie Maloney, who do not seem to become the product of enlightenment. They wouldn’t have a show…

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Kristen has been dating Brian Carter since she cut James loose from Wacko Town, where she still resides. Her continued aggressive nature towards James leads viewers to believe that she’s either completely off her rocker or she just can’t quit him. As for Tom and Ariana, they clearly do not have hard feelings against the former SUR waitress. Krazy Kristen included her thoughts on the new friendship with Ariana, “If you had asked me five years ago if Tom and Ariana would be at my house doing me a favor by shooting my T-shirt line with my boyfriend, I would call you crazy.”

Yes well, I’m still calling Kristen crazy. It is highly possible she has ulterior motives because she often seems genuinely reluctant to let anything go. Kind of like my insane cat with a piece of lint, or a pit bull and a bone filled with peanut butter. Ariana has adopted a non-cynical approach towards her new bud, “Hashtag justice for Ariana and Kristen,” she laughed.

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I’m here for it, but if I were Ariana, I would keep my eyes open for anything sketchy happening going forward. Remember that old classic film, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? I don’t think it is too farfetched to say in the future, What Ever Happened to Kristen Doute?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]