Katie Maloney - Vanderpump Rules

Tonight is the episode of Vanderpump Rules I have personally been waiting for ever since Stassi Schroeder started dating Patrick and Katie Maloney found Stassi’s rusty bitch crown in the dumpster behind SUR and tried to make fetch happen.

Katie is a poor imitation of Stassi in her prime, namely because Katie is mercilessly mean without provocation or wit, but tonight – TONIGHT! – our brave little warrior Tom Sandoval goes against the evil that is facing him and tells Katie exactly like it is!

However what Tom 1′s bravery means is that poor Tom Schwartz is stuck dealing with the rubble of AtomicKatezilla as she tears down cases of Vanderpump Rosé, smashes crispy goat cheese balls, stabs people with forks, and roars in an incomprehensible whine that only her fellow Three-Headed SheBeasts can hear.

All this came to be when the Toms decide to plan a trip to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate the opening of TomTom and Tom 1 invites his friend James Kennedy. Obviously, Katie explodes because this one time, at PRIDE, Katie and Kristen Doute tried to destroy James’ relationship and he retaliated by calling Katie fat. Hmmm…. if Katie doesn’t like the guest list, maybe she should just stay home and pout. Would anyone care? Certainly not Tom 2

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In other news, Lisa Vanderpump must help the Toms salvage their friendship and business partnership by offering the advice that Tom 2′s wife must take precedence over James. Which means James gets his invitation to Puerto Vallarta revoked (blessing in disguise). Yuck. I hate Katie more and more each day!

In other news, Kristen and Carter ‘celebrate’ their three-year anniversary with a very awkward dinner that only demonstrates they have nothing to celebrate!

Did I mention I hate Katie? Because seriously she is heinous.

Anyway, tune in to Bravo tonight at 9 PM for a new episode of Vanderpump Rules. Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments below! Then, tweet us and check us out on Instagram. And, of course, come back here tomorrow to read my Vanderpump Rules recap.


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