Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Engagement Party

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Celebrate Their Engagement Party On Vanderpump Rules

Tonight should come as a great relief because… this is THE SEASON FINALE of Vanderpump Rules. And this was a long season where literally nothing exciting happened! Sure we got Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s engaaaaaaaaygement and the opening of Tom Tom, but it was mostly tales of almost middle-aged people being in denial about how embarrassingly in denial they are while trying to ostracize James Kennedy for fear he’d usurp their jobs.

Anyway, tonight we finally celebrate Jax and Brittany’s decision to yoke, which means that next comes a spinoff wedding special, or the wedding which won’t happen until NEXT SEASON so we’ll be forced to endure to more of this nonsense next year. Please no! 

The fairy tale engagement party is anything but Disney-esque (more like Kafka-esque) though as Brittany’s father confesses to Stassi Schroeder that he has serious doubts about Jax, and doesn’t know if he can support his daughter’s decision to marry him. What kind of parent wouldn’t have doubts about Jax?! (Ahem, Brittany’s mom, Sherri!)

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In other bad decisions Ariana Madix decides to confront Lisa Vanderpump about how she’s not taking Tom 1 and Tom 2 seriously as business partners. Tom 2 wrote a rubber check. Then, he filled up a kiddie suitcase with dollar bills to pay his share of the investment capital. How else are you supposed to treat him but like a fool? Well, OK, Tom 1 deserves better. He’s at least had a job in the last decade and developed a lot of the cocktails.

Brittany is temporarily distracted by her family’s disappointment to inform Lala Kent that she won’t be included in the wedding party. I would say it has something to do with her sleeping with Jax way back when, but Stassi and Kristen Doute are both bridesmaids, so… As revenge Lala can just axe Britany from her own wedding which she probably needs to televise to earn the money Randell owes Fofty!

Scheana Marie fears she might be prego and after her date with an Instagram model got physical, so she has to confess the status of things to Adam Spott — and then call Maury. Gee — I thought Scheana wasn’t the type of girl that wanted babies and marriage. #madisonmariemackenzievaletta #EggsOnDryIce

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No surprise Adam does not react kindly to the news. Still, it appears from her constant Instagrams that Scheana is NOT pregnant. She is also still together with her “best friend” in some capacity. Well thank the lord for small mercies.


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