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Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Her Co-Stars Should Take Lie Detector Tests At The Reunion

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a little odd, to say the least. The Puppy Gate storyline endlessly dominated the first part of the season and resulted in Lisa Vanderpump’s integrity being called into question. After being accused of planting a Radar Online story about Dorit Kemsley dropping off adopted dog Lucy at a shelter– and later being confronted by Kyle Richards about it–Lisa largely stopped filming with the other women.

Queen Lisa has missed a cast camping trip, Camille Grammer’s bridal shower–and even her Hawaiian wedding–which is almost unprecedented in Housewife history. Housewives are expected to show up for events–unless, of course, you are filming a cheesy Hallmark movie like Denise Richards! Then you get a pass. Although Lisa has not continued filming with the other women, she definitely has opinions about them–and the whole debacle of Puppy Gate.

Lisa, of course, took a dramatic lie detector test on last week’s episode and asks questions about whether or not she planted the Radar Online story. And she supposedly passed with flying colors. In an interview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show, Lisa declares that when she was asked, “Do you know who gave the story to Radar Online?” during the polygraph and she answered, “No I don’t,” it exonerated her.  She further claims, “I wouldn’t say that if I had an inkling, you know, so no, I don’t have an inkling.”

Of course, the other ladies shaded her with 100 SPF sunscreen last week during their Hawaii trip for even taking the lie detector test. And trained criminologists that they are, the ladies debated the authenticity and admissibility of the results in a Court of Housewives. And they don’t seem to be buying Lisa’s inkling–even if she writes it on fancy Villa Rosa linen stationary with golden ink.

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The million dollar question seems to be: does Lisa have any idea who might have planted the Radar Online story?  She states, “Well, I don’t know who did, but do I think, who might have a motivation, somebody might want to make me look bad?”

Who might want Lisa to look bad? Well, practically any of her current co-stars (excluding Denise)–as well as some of her former RHOBH co-stars. And at least one or two possibilities from the cast of Vanderpump Rules. The list of suspects is long! Has anyone verified the whereabouts of Eileen Davidson or Brandi Glanville around the time this all went down?

So, what would Lisa like to see happen regarding her co-stars and this whole debacle? Well, she has an idea–one that I would love to see transpire. Lisa says, “I think they should all take a lie detector test. I think you should have the reunion and have each and every one of them wired up. How about that? I’ve done it–can you?”

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Although such a scenario would be a dream reunion for fans, we all know it will never happen. But, can you imagine it going down? Kyle would start crying as soon as she entered the set–and be terrified of being asked about Kim Richards and the “alleged theft of the go**amned house.” Dorit would refuse to be wired up as it might wrinkle her Gucci dress–and they might ask her embarrassing legal questions.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave would fail the test miserably as she cannot answer any question with a simple yes or no. And Erika Jayne–I bet stone-cold Pat the Puss could pass a polygraph with flying colors even if she lied on every answer!

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What will the reunion be like? The typical reunion scenario is filled with the re-hashing of old grievances and mending of fences (until the next season!). This year, the Beverly Hills reunion is more of a wild card- will Lisa even show up? And if she does, will the other ladies gang up on her? Reunions are usually my least favorite part of the show. However, this year, I think the Beverly Hills reunion might be very interesting.


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