Andy Cohen Reveals If Lisa Vanderpump & Camille Grammer Taped The Reunion

So, I’m not even sure what to write for you guys. For the first time ever, I might be at a loss for words. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion went down yesterday. This season we have suffered through Dorit Kemsley’s mesh fetish wardrobe. We have analyzed truth-teller Teddy Mellencamp Arroyave’s texts. We continue to wonder if Harry Hamlin is being held against his will.

And now, we also lost Lisa Vanderpump. After months of speculation and writing #puppygate so many times my spellcheck quit without notice, the biggest riddle since “Who Shot J.R.?” might have been solved. Fans of the show wanted Lisa to have the last word and put those bitches the ladies in their place. Now Andy Cohen has maybe given us the answer to the question, “Did she or didn’t she?”

By all accounts, Lisa V. did not show up for the Real Housewives of Beverly Killshelter reunion taping. Where no Housewife shows up without Xanax waterproof mascara and receipts. Lisa basically kept us on pins and needles over the past few weeks, wondering if she would seek closure at the reunion. Viewers also considered the possibility that Lisa would leave the show entirely. Yesterday, Andy went live on the Gram with BFF Anderson Cooper. E! News has the scoop.

“The reunion is going great. It’s major. Lisa Vanderpump’s not here,” Andy revealed. “Has she not been there at all for this reunion?” Anderson then asked, and Cohen simply made a face. COHEN SIMPLY MADE A FACE.

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Okay, so I feel like that means she showed up in some capacity. But to be honest with you, I’m not here for a taped segment. It almost seems like a cop-out. Andy continued, ”

There’s major things happening…there’s trouble afoot in Beverly Hills,” he said. “You know who is here? Camille [Grammer].”

Ah, Camille. 007 Camille. Camille probably went in there ready to go full Delta Force on the ladies. And why not, she has nothing to lose. She maintains her friend capacity, gets paid, and delivers. But will Lisa ever return to the show? Yesterday she seemed to confirm her time on RHOBH is over. “I think they’ve made it pretty impossible for me to go back frankly. So … no, ” she said.

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Does this mean Kyle Richards is the new reigning queen of Beverly Hills? Does this mean the Puppy Gate Girl Gang was victorious? They defeated the MVP and got what they wanted. Will it come with a cost? If Lisa does not return, who will carry the show? I have drywall more interesting than Teddi, and Erika Jayne’s tracksuit selection won’t keep people tuning in.

It sounds like Lisa did make an appearance, but maybe didn’t sit with the ladies. I’m sure Bravo will soon release some compelling teasers that will still leave us questioning Lisa’s presence. We’ll see tears, texts, and Camille looking like the cat that ate the canary. But what I’m hoping for, in a final gesture of season redemption, is Andy saying, “Lisa is actually here to discuss it…” I want to see the miracle of Botox fail each of the cast members as Lisa walks out in a black power suit, ready for her swan song. I guess once again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]