SOUTHERN CHARM -- "In Sew Deep" Episode 605 -- Pictured: Patricia Altschul -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo)

Patricia Altschul Hints At Hookup Between Sonja Morgan & Whitney Sudler-Smith

Warning, this article has a possible DEFCON 4 level “EW” factor. Just kidding! Bravolebrities had a busy Pride month. You might have seen the great photos of Bravo’s float in the parade. Some hated much loved Housewives showed up and Andy Cohen certainly had a blast. NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta made an appearance. Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan from Real Housewives of New York were on hand. Special guest star, all the way from South Carolina, was Southern Charm’s own Patricia Altschul.

The ladies hung out and bonded, I’m sure they shared salaries secrets we would all like to know. Social media was ablaze with photo ops, which of course brings out the haters. In one particular photo Ms. Pat shared, a commenter made a remark about her son’s sexual preference. How gauche. And while the gender Whitney Sudler-Smith prefers in his bed is no one’s beeswax, Patricia addressed the statement. Boy did she ever.

One riddle viewers keep toying with is Whitney’s sexuality. Why it’s a question is beyond me, but folks are curious. Despite Whitney’s past relationships with that German blonde, his random seductions of Kathryn Dennis, and other women somewhere in Europe, people just can’t quit the idea that Whitney is gay. This is an only child who grew up incredibly wealthy and spent a great deal of time overseas. He is a try-hard musician and filmmaker, definitely not your typical Southern man. Naturally this leads people to develop their own opinions on his personality.

Lady Morgan had posted several photos of herself at Pride. One just happened to be with Ms. Pat. The Instagram account Comments By Bravo shared the post. One reader, who must have been incredibly bored, wrote under the photo, “If only she [Patricia] would support her son to come out of the closet.”

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I seem to recall Patricia always supporting the gay community. As it is, she believes Whitney walks on water, it certainly would not matter if he swims in the man pond. That said, Ms. Pat responded to the comment – and it was a doozy. She replied, “He’s not gay…ask Sonja.” So basically without directly saying, “My son is in New York and had a scandalous rendezvous with Sonja”, she is at least hinting that Sonja knows for sure what body of water Whitney prefers. Not that it matters, of course.

To his credit, Whitney does not flaunt or gossip about his hookups – on camera anyway. He still hasn’t copped to having a summer fling with Kathryn, after she confirmed it. Kathryn and Patricia even kiki’d over their little liaison. So one has to wonder if he is displeased with Mother for either hinting at his escapades or making a joke that could lead to endless teasing. Because, Sonja Morgan. Actually, Sonja the free spirit likes a younger man. Whitney is educated, rich, and snobby. They could be the perfect couple. But that visual, no thank you.

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Whitney can be gay, straight, bisexual, he can enjoy the company of toasters for all I care. But Sonja? Well, she is hilarious and always ready to party. We shall have to wait and see if Lady Morgan packs up and moves to South Carolina. She would fit in great by out-drinking the entire cast and teaching them a thing or two about Gstaad and caburlesquere. In that case, Sonja, come on down!


[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]