PK surprises Dorit with a Buddha lounge

PK & Dorit Kemsley Buy $6.5 Million “Trendy Farmhouse” Despite Financial Issues

Good news, everyone! We can finally rest easy, but it’s been a long haul. It’s difficult to determine the seconds of sleep we have lost during Dorit and PK Kemsley’s financial misadventures. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills potential inmate star has also been searching for her dignity a new home. Much to Dorit’s dismay, the news of her husband’s debts made mainstream headlines. But hey, this woman deserves a round of applause for the really super interesting storyline RHOBH forced on us last season. The dog at the center of Dorit’s failed adoption scandal has relocated and changed her name. Her new humans are prohibited from using the words “puppygate” and “kill shelter” in her presence.

Without the benefit of #puppygate as a shield, viewers are anxious to see what the ladies bring us next year. Most of the cast are facing court cases, as a result of their husband’s business dealings. Things seemed particularly bleak for Dorit and PK. They are the subject of multiple financial lawsuits and attempts to collect on a debt. Dorit’s bank account is colder than Erika Jayne’s attitude and she and PK have been required to reveal their assets. None of this has stopped the couple from living large. PK and Dorit have been jetting around Europe all summer and unabashedly flaunting their “wealth” on social media. Now they have made another huge purchase. As Boy George cowers in the corner somewhere, wondering if he’s ever going to get paid, the Kemsleys finally signed piece of paper without a court date attached to it.

Dorit and PK aren’t going to let a tiny economic hiccup stand in the way of going broke getting a new house. It’s all about the image, people! At the end of last season, Dorit and PK were searching for their “dream home” and by all accounts, the search is over! Variety has the scoop on their new pad, but it doesn’t come with too many details. Despite their existing financial burden, Dorit and PK dropped a whopping $6.4 million on the brand new structure. Do credit cards have limits that high? I’m kidding, sounds like someone might have taken a little trip to Vegas the bank. Oh Jaggy, Jaggy… time to pack Mummy’s counterfeit Birkin collection!

According to the article, this house is “Located in a primo pocket of the increasingly posh Encino neighborhood, the all-new structure was never on the market, so photographs and details are notably scant. Still, it’s known that the all-white house features a partially brick front facade, plus a three-car garage and a pool/spa combo out back.” Does “increasingly posh neighborhood” mean it’s not all-the-way posh? Dorit, what happened to your standards? They must be frozen along with her funds. You can view one photo of their new crib here.

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The spec-built house replaced a smaller existing residence. The actual square footage and interior features are not known, probably because it was a crime scene new listing. The community is gated and boasts, “San Fernando Valley basin views”. Congratulations Dorit and PK, and welcome to your unobstructed view of the porn capital of the world! Lucky ducks! Eat your heart out, Lisa Vanderpump! With her meh idyllic landscapes and whole Narnia thing she has going on in Beverly Hills.

A huge selling point for Dorit and PK must have been the close proximity to other people with lawsuits BFFs Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. “The fully gated and camera-secured mini-estate sits on a .36-acre lot, and lies a conveniently quick jog to the $8.2 million Encino estate of fellow Real Housewife Kyle Richards and her high-end realtor husband Mauricio Umansky.” Awesome! They can carpool to court together! Take that, climate change!

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Is it too much to ask for an Erika/Boy George collab at what I’m sure will be the hottest housewarming soiree of the century? But look, it has to be a paying gig for Erika because she needs the dough re mi. Perhaps PK and Dorit can enter the party by landing their jet packs in the front yard. They can definitely afford expensive toys like that. At any rate, cheers to PK and Dorit on their new abode! Hopefully we will see interior photos when chalk outlines are cleaned cameras start rolling for season 10.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]