Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: A Matter Of Pride

On last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta we finally caught up with Nene Leakes, who is now producing PSAs for the American Cancer Society about how hard it was for her to be married to a man who had cancer. I really just think Bravo should leave cancer alone, and I really also think the American Cancer Society needs to better in their vetting of spokespersons.

Now that Gregg Leakes is cancer-free and isn’t requiring NeNe to ‘care’ for him and uphold those wedding vows she took (twice!), she’s eager to rebuild their marriage. I’m frankly sick of Gregg being so phony. Look, I know he has to rely on NeNe for his living expenses because Senior Living Communities are depressing and don’t come with Bentleys, but honestly the way he goes overboard praising NeNe for her support and kindness while he was battling for his life, and it was frankly unbelievable.

Nene Leakes

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Also, why is NeNe, a person whose only experience with cancer is making it about herself (or being a cancerous tumor to her friends’ self esteem), doing an infomercial about how to be supportive. NeNe was basically sitting in that interview chair complaining about Gregg not being there for her enough through her illness! Also, who approved a plunging neckline with full cleavage for this video? Do families battling cancer really need to see 3/4 of NeNe’s boobs? Doesn’t that sort of, distract, from the message? This is not a Real Housewives Of Atlanta confessional!

While NeNe’s marriage – and self-image – are on the mend, Kenya Moore is struggling with Marc Daly. Surprised, anyone? The problem is that Marc is far more interested in their daughter than he is in Kenya, but the question remains: if he’s so dedicated to Brooklyn‘s upbringing and being with her every day, why is he living in NYC while his wife and daughter live in Atlanta?

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Kenya confides in her cousin Shay that when Marc does visit he wants to spend every moment with the baby, so they get no alone time – not even at night. Kenya is tired of being second fiddle – she wants to be the Queen in Marc’s eyes, after all Brooklyn, is her princess.

Marc Daly Kenya Moore

A few days later, Marc is in town and I just don’t like this guy. First of all, his head is too small and Mr. Potato Head looking. Kenya says he’s an alpha male who demands she wait on him, hand and foot, which means preparing breakfast wearing a Gone With The Wind fabulous negligee and satin robe. Which fits since emotionally since Marc is gone with the wind. Kenya has to make pancakes from a box since she’s out of eggs, and is too busy to go to the store in-between raising Brooklyn and running a multi-million dollar company (which company is this again?).

Over breakfast, Kenya sulks while Marc fusses over Brooklyn, and then Kenya really sulks when she demands to know who Marc loves more: her or her daughter. OK, Kenya, this is a problem. Big time. This is you repeating your mommy issues with your baby. A baby requires full-time attention and love, and what marriage doesn’t chafe a bit as it struggles to readjust to those demands.

Kenya Moore

I understand Kenya wanting Marc to spend quality time with her, and that is important, but any man who prioritizes his wife’s ego over his daughter’s happiness and growth, is not a man you want to marry. If Kenya is so committed to making this marriage work it sounds like she needs to move to NYC because Mr. Alpha Male is not going to uproot his life to relocate to Atlanta (thus admitting that Kenya is the breadwinner). Also Kenya: Marc’s just not that into you – and it might be your self-centeredness.

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Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams knows full well what it’s like to have a man not that into her. And at least Marc is fairly honest about his disinterest! Meanwhile, Dennis McKinley was posing for holiday pictures with pregnant Porsha, filming a spinoff, moving in and giving her puppies, then running off to dip his hotdog in off-brand ketchup. When Porsha caught Dennis cheating he blamed her for not paying enough attention to him. Um, Dennis and Kenya need to go to group therapy together. Or better yet, maybe Porsha and Marc need to go out for drinks and commiserate about having partners who resent their children for requiring a lot of care. I have aways been a Dennis apologist, but NOOOOPE to this ass-hattery!

Porsha goes over to Tanya Sam‘s gorgeous house for a gorgeous lunch accompanied by crisp rose to discuss her current predicament. Honestly, that was the best choice, as Tanya is the only person on this cast whose advice I would take. Tanya encourages Porsha to continue with therapy and tread lightly on the idea of giving Dennis a second chance.

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Meanwhile Eva Marcille is making a truly grave mistake by turning to Cynthia Bailey for advice. Cynthia is like… well the McDonald’s Drive-Thru window is probably more reliable.

Cynthia accompanies Eva to look at yet another house – her 18th or 19th – and this one is fine: new modern, suburban culdesac, lots of bathrooms and bedrooms for Eva and Michael’s 10-hundred children, but Eva thinks it’s too small. I think it was also too basic upper-middle class suburb for Eva’s insecurity and she doesn’t want viewers (or Cynthia) to see that her budget only stretches to $750k. Eva needs to live within her means and stop trying to keep up with the Marlos. Everyone knows she’s not as well-off as say Kandi Burruss, and that’s OK – it doesn’t mean Eva needs to go overboard trying to prove they’re not broke.

Eva and Cynthia are going to NYC to be on the Bravo float for the WorldPride parade. All of this would be exciting except NeNe is also going to be there and neither of them have spoken to her since the reunion. Well, Nene did send Cynthia one rude and hateful text, which Cynthia ignored, and then pushed block. Good for you Cynthia – see no evil, read no evil, hear no evil…

NeNe is working with a faith healer or something to help her find the positivity by turning to God for guidance and zen. It involves lamaze breathing and singing gospel hymns while shaking your titties if anyone tries to challenge you.

Kandi meets Todd Tucker for lunch so they can FaceTime their surrogate. They’re struggling to figure out the protocol for the babyshower – should Shadina be there? Should it just be them? Will guests want to touch Shadina’s belly? Should Kandi wear a fake baby bump ala Beyonce? Should Kandi let people touch her belly anyway? Todd blames Kandi for not learning “surrogate etiquette” ahead of time so she throws in his face that at least she’s not taking her 23-year-old daughter to a strip club as a “bonding experience.”

Kandi Burruss

That’s right, people, parenting by Bravo! Todd thinks there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with going to a strip club with his daughter because she’s old enough to drink (apparently forgetting the ogling of naked women element involved). Todd also thinks there’s something totally wrong with Kandi giving Kaela money to jumpstart her life in NYC where she wants to study fashion. Um, I think both things are misguided.

Todd is right Kaela should get a job and save money to achieve her dreams, but I think it’s fine for her parents to help support her. Likewise I’m ever-thankful that Kandi is openly disgusted by Todd’s choice of taking his kid to a strip club. So gross. Of course Kandi is also raising children with Todd, so there’s a problem here! I also always love it when we get a glimpse of the Mama Joyce lurking inside of Kandi. More please!

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Before heading to NYC Cynthia calls Mike Hill for some #CHill advice on how to approach seeing NeNe. Cynthia’s plan is to say “hi and bye,” and keep it moving. Or as she termed it “float on by.” See what Cynthia did there – it’s a pun! Cynthia’s real focus at this parade will be Noelle, who is joining her after coming out as sexually fluid. Call me crazy but I really don’t understand how that differs from being good-old fashioned bi-sexual, but admittedly I am clueless, and good for Cynthia for supporting her daughter in better understanding herself.

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Of course right after NeNe told Gregg that she is working on being less angry and plans to say hello to Cynthia at the parade – she does an interview calling Cynthia weak and desperate. An hour before boarding the float Cynthia gets ahold of this interview – which was done while NeNe was in NYC – and sends it to Eva. Cynthia is shocked and angry, but for Noelle‘s sake is trying to keep her emotions in check. As if submerging her feelings out of fear of NeNe’s retribution has ever been an issue for Cynthia before…  Eva, though, is ready to confront NeNe.

Cynthia Bailey Eva Marcille

Cynthia admits she’s surprised at becoming so close with Eva, and their friendships wouldn’t have been possible if NeNe were still in the mix. Instead of riling each other up they have a good laugh over NeNe’s atrocious wig in the video and move on.

Nene Leakes Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The parade was a total Housewives bonanza and frankly I would’ve much rather seen all the footage of outfits than this amped-up tension of “will they or won’t they?” about whether or not NeNe and Cynthia will have a huge altercation. While Cynthia plans to basically ignore NeNe other than civilities, NeNe has apparently decided – after a pep talk from Captain Marlo Hampton – to have a chat or at least acknowledge her former friend?

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Isn’t it hilarious that as soon as NeNe reappears on Real Housewives of Atlanta with her comes Marlo. It should be a sign that NO ONE on this cast is interested in resuming a friendship with NeNe (if they ever had one to begin with) and the only people available to film with her are paid acquaintances. I mean even when Porsha was explaining Tanya’s role in the group she had to breakdown how she started as NeNe’s friend, before she was pawned off on Eva, which pissed NeNe off even more so she completely ostracized Tanya, and now Tanya is friends with everyone else but NeNe…

Of course, Bravo ended on a cliffhanger of NeNe and Cynthia passing each other as NeNe climbed the steps of the float, so, until next week…

I’m not on board with having NeNe back. She really brings nothing except that fake laugh with weird Joker faces. The flashbacks to last season’s reunion were all the reminders I needed that NeNe is not willing to work with these women and is only here for things being on her terms. Why reward such bad behavior?


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