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2019 has not been a good year for former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King Edmonds, and it doesn’t seem to be improving. Meghan has been dealing with the fallout of estranged husband Jim Edmonds’ cheating scandal, which made headlines over the summer. For some reason, Jim felt the need to do the stroke and text it to a former hook up while Meghan was giving birth to their twins. Although the couple entered counseling to navigate the process of repairing their relationship, more problems were headed their way.

Meghan soon discovered one of her children was suffering from irreversible brain damage. Instead of being defeated, Meghan took a proactive approach and began intensive therapy in an effort to provide early intervention. While dealing with Jim’s blatant infidelity, new rumors began to plague the couple. Now Jim may or may not be cheating with the nanny. Because of his tarnished reputation, it didn’t seem outlandish for the speculations to be true. Jim Bob filed for divorce after a blowout argument with Meghan that involved police. Now Meghan is trying to handle Jim’s gross sexting, constant care for her son and other two children, Jim’s loudmouth family members, alleged nanny banging, and divorce. In an ill-fated turn of events, one more thing is being added to Meghan’s list of crap to deal with. And it very well could be the worst thing yet.

Some people might say Meghan asked for this because she married a guy who can’t keep his espoused dick in his pants. And maybe certain viewers are scarred for life from Megs’ relentless flair for being the quintessential Alice Kravitz of reality television. That said, we would still be dealing with Brooks Ayers if it weren’t for her detective work. At this point Meghan could sell her soul to Vicki Gunvalson or Tamra Judge the devil and she still wouldn’t deserve what is happening.

Meghan and the cheating reptile Jim are currently involved in a divorce dispute. Throw in three children and it becomes a divorce dispute with custody issues. All of a sudden, Jim, who has rarely paid attention to his wives, kids, or facilitating any kind of positive family life, is getting 50/50 care of his three children with Meghan. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you never give a cheater an ultimatum.

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According to Radar Online, Megs and JimCan’tKeepHisDadJeansZipped have agreed to sharing 50/50 guardianship of their kids. And I use the word “agreed” very loosely. Apparently the arrangement was coordinated by their lawyers. Meghan is reportedly “not happy” with the arrangement and Jim is said to be “thrilled”. Jim is what my kids would call a “try hard”. He’s trying really hard to be the perfect father. He’s trying really hard to show off how great the kids will have it when with him. And he’s trying hard to prove assholes can reform.

If you don’t like Megs, I get it. She can be annoying. She definitely probably should have thrown Jim’s body and wallet to the curb. But this is a woman who, despite her numerous public faults, obviously loves her children. Losing your kids half of the time to a man who seemingly has no concept of loving anything but himself has got to be mind-blowing.

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Meghan and Jim have yet to see an actual judge and their lawyers agreed upon this “parenting plan” for the next few months. Meghan had the children for Thanksgiving and Jim will have them next year. Jim reluctantly added to his brood and there are people me who feel his move for 50/50 custody is out of spite. Doesn’t he travel for work 90% of his life?

Jim didn’t care about his kids when he was handling his wang and sending video to a woman he used to mess with. Jim also didn’t care about his kids when he started hanging with the nanny when NO KIDS WERE AROUND. But yeah, give him 50/50 for all those good decisions he has made. On the other side of the coin, kids need their father, even if he is a complete and total douchebag. Maybe. Like Meghan, we will have to wait and see what the judge says. Hopefully, the couple will take their careless remarks and mutual scorn and keep it off social media. You know, because they want what’s best for “the children”.

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