Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Says Her Dog Died In Accident While She Was On Vacation

To be honest, I was hoping never to use the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the word “dog” in the same article again. But the Universe doesn’t care about our plans, so here we are. The holidays are a time for family togetherness and sometimes traveling is involved. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave recently packed her bump, her husband, and her brood for a quick family excursion. More often than not, our fur babies are watched by a trusted individual or reputable boarding facility.

Most of the time we return from a trip and go back to daily life, but sometimes bad things happen in the interim. Despite preventative measures, a very unfortunate accident occurred and Teddi’s homecoming was anything but normal. Instead of settling back into their regular routine and preparing for Santa, Teddi and her family are dealing with something else entirely.

Sad news everyone. Teddi, Edwin Arroyave, and their 3.5 children are currently mourning the loss of their beloved dog. This is especially upsetting as Teddi’s children are very young, this is supposed to be a “happy” time of year for little ones, and death sucks in any capacity.

Teddi shared the heartbreaking news in an Instagram post. She wrote, “RIP to our loving, silly and adorable doggy Khaleesi. Our hearts are broken as we have had to say goodbye to you way too soon.”

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Teddi remained mum on the details but did share this, “Without going too into it. We were out of town and placed Khaleesi in a place of care where an accident happened. Sometimes things happen out of your control; we our doing our best to grieve as a family while also remembering the good times with our furry baby. We love you and miss you dearly.” Teddi doesn’t state if the “place of care” was a boarding establishment or a friend or family member’s house. But I know what you’re thinking and no, Dorit Kemsley was not watching the dog.

Teddi might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is a total bummer. If you haven’t had to explain the death of a beloved pet to youngsters, consider yourself lucky.

Edwin also shared a tribute to Khaleesi on his social media. Most recently, the pup was included in the family’s 2019 holiday card.

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Quite a few of Teddi’s co-stars shared their condolences. Dorit (side-eye) wrote, “So sorry, so sad.” Lisa Rinna contributed, “Oh nooooo I’m so sorry Teddi!” Denise Richards shared a couple of devastated emoticons.

Bangs Kyle Richards also typed out an emoticon comment, no word on whether or not she sent a sympathy caftan. Erika Jayne is probably photographing composing a handwritten, comforting card as we speak.

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Hopefully, the family will find peace with their loss and enjoy the many great memories they have. Rest in power, little pup.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]