Kristen Doute Says Scheana Marie & Ariana Madix Aren’t Invited To Stassi Schroeder & Beau Clark’s Wedding

Unlike most other reality TV shows, the Vanderpump Rules crew actually does hang out when the cameras aren’t rolling. It’s not like the Real Housewives shows when they take a big break and spend the first two episodes of every season “catching up.”

The Vanderpump Rules socializing and the Vanderpump Rules drama go all year round. That’s why it’s so sad that Kristen Doute is on the outs with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney. Kristen is the one who introduced Stassi and her now-fiancé Beau Clark, yet she wasn’t there when they celebrated the proposal. Stassi’s frienemies (at best) Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix were at the post-proposal celebration at Lisa Vanderpump’s mansion, but Kristen wasn’t. Stassi’s mom Dayna Schroeder confirmed a rift between Kristen and Stassi soon after the proposal, but nothing has really changed. Kristen also wasn’t invited to the formal engagement party a few weeks later. That really has to sting.

In an interview for People TV, Daryn Carp asked Kristen where Ariana falls in the feud with Katie and Stassi. Daryn pointed out, “She’s had trouble with Stassi in the past. They’ve had problems.” And weirdly enough, after so many years of issues, Kristen and Ariana are actually great friends these days. And, yes, I’m still bitter this wasn’t highlighted on the show while it was happening. Major hole in the plot here.

Anyway, Kristen shared, “From what I’m witnessing, a lot of the girls are in Park City right now and Ariana and Scheana weren’t invited.” Katie, Stassi, Lala Kent, and Brittany Cartwright are all in Utah. Seemingly, Ariana and Scheana found out about the girls trip via Twitter. Ariana told a fan, “[I] don’t know anything about this!” and Scheana piped in with “Sames …” You can’t invite everyone to everything, but ouch.


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Kristen continued, “I’m hearing that they’re also not invited to Stassi’s wedding and they weren’t invited to her engagement party. So, I wasn’t the only one.” Everyone who watches this show knows that the dynamics are constantly changing. These people can go from being enemies to best friends mid-reunion taping.

Daryn also asked Kristen, “Is there a world in which Tom Sandoval would be invited and Ariana wouldn’t be invited?” Did she not the see preview for next week’s episode with Stassi SCREAMING at Sandoval in Tom Tom?


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Kristen told Daryn, “No, I don’t think so.  If anything, I think they would invite Ariana over Tom.” And, yes, as ridiculous as that is, we have seen people on this show invite one person from a couple and not the other to an event. Tom Schwartz went to Scheana’s birthday (the one where Faith Stowers revealed she had sex with Jax Taylor) even though she was on the outs with his wife Katie. Conventional boundaries do not apply in this group


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]