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Jennifer Aydin Defends Teresa Giudice For Instigating Margaret Josephs’ Hair Pull; Says “I Felt Bad For Teresa”

One of the most shocking moments on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey was the altercation between Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub in a clothing boutique. Teresa Giudice and Danielle approached the other New Jersey Housewives to tell them to stop talking about Danielle. Words were hurled back and forth, and Margaret poured water over Danielle’s head.

That didn’t cool off Danielle’s temper. She dumped the contents of Margaret’s purse into a lit candle. And just before leaving, Danielle grabbed Margaret’s ponytail and gave it a vicious tug. Of course, when Danielle left, Teresa went with her, but later returned.

The incident was scary, and Margaret took to Twitter to share her thoughts. “Part 3: a full 12 minutes after the fact from behind. My neck was snapped back, easily could have been broken. I could not defend myself. I could have been paralyzed. Everyone was crying including production. It was horrific. I wanted to forget move on. To this day devastated,” Margaret wrote.

RHONJ viewers finally saw the tense sit-down between Melissa Gorga and Danielle. When Melissa told Danielle that none of the ladies wanted her around anymore, Danielle dropped a bomb. Danielle said that Teresa told her to pull Margaret’s ponytail. There is even footage of  Danielle telling Teresa that the owner told Danielle to pull Margaret’s hair. Teresa is seen and heard repeatedly telling Danielle, “Do it. Do it.” Thank goodness for hot mic moments! I am shook.


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Bravo’s Andy Cohen was also shocked, and it just so happens that his guest on Watch What Happens Live was the tequila monster herself, Jennifer AydinIn a clip from the show, Andy began with the poll question. He asked viewers, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how shocked are you by this revelation?” Jennifer confirmed that she did not see the video and hot mic moment until she watched the episode. And Jennifer’s response about the bombshell? (Warning-there is some rough grammar ahead.)

“I…I felt bad for Teresa, honestly,” Jennifer said. Andy asked, “You felt bad for Teresa?”


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Jennifer replied, “I did. I did…because I know why she said what she said. And I know why she did it. And she thought… you know, we spoke about it at reunion, so I don’t really want to give anything away…but ummm…”

This is nuts! How could Jennifer possibly feel bad for Teresa? Teresa is lucky to have Jennifer as her loyal soldier now that Danielle is quitting RHONJ.


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Jennifer continued trying to defend Teresa. “She didn’t even think it was going to be that brutal…which at the end of the day, I guess you could think how could someone pull someone’s hair not be brutal? She [Danielle] really did drag her across the room, and nobody was expecting that,” Jennifer explained. “We even saw, by the time we turned around, Margaret was halfway across the room… and it was brutal.”

Not only was Andy surprised by Jennifer’s comments, but the poll results were also unexpected. “You guys were shocked…. not a 10, but a 7.” So what does that say about Teresa?


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