Lisa Vanderpump Says Scheana Marie Is Desperate For Love; Jax Taylor Shades Her For Dating Guys From The Bachelor

As if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, Jax Taylor is now doling out relationship advice. Yes, he and his wife Brittany Cartwright miraculously made it down the aisle last year. This has led to Jax believing he’s some sort of relationship expert. Call me crazy, but I still think Jax is the last person on earth I’d take dating advice from.

Chatting with Lisa Vanderpump, Jax and Lisa expressed their very strong opinions and threw shade about fellow Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie’s dating life.

Sitting down for The Vanderpump Rules After Show, Lisa has her own theory on what Scheana’s needs are in the romantic department. “Scheana really is a lovely girl, and she’s so desperate to be loved. I’m not saying desperate for a man. It’s about the relationship of being loved. I don’t think she wants to be in a relationship where she’s just got any man. I think she’s desperate to be in a relationship where they’re as in love with her,” Lisa explains.

While I completely agree with Lisa’s theory, Jax is not so convinced.


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“Should we ask the cast of the Bachelor? There’s about a handful of guys she’s dated off the Bachelor. I think she was just going down the list of like what guy is single off the Bachelor,” Jax laughs. “She’s just lousy in the men department. When you see your friends in relationships, myself, Katie [Maloney], Tom [Schwartz], Stassi [Schroeder], we’re all in relationships. Everyone’s getting engaged and married. And you’re the one that’s still well? She wants to make it work. She wants it so bad. And she will do anything for these men that she’s in relationships with.”

There’s a lot to digest here. First of all, I can see why Jax threw shade on Scheana dating former Bachelor cast members. If she’s looking for a serious relationship, I don’t think dating aspiring reality stars is the way to go. But seeing that the entire cast of Vanderpump Rules is either married, engaged or in a serious relationship, it’s pretty understandable that Scheana would be in a hurry to find true love. It’s hard to watch everyone else in your circle settling down, even more so on national television. But as Lisa said, I think Scheana wants the real deal like her friends have found.


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But Jax continues his shade throwing with some additional inside scoop in Scheana.

“Also, she kind of gives away the farm on the first date. Like literally gives away the farm. She gives away it all on the first date,” Jax dishes. “And I’m always like ‘you gotta play a little hard to get.’ When you give it all to them, when you take them on trips, when you do all this. Taking a guy to Iceland, you know, the first couple weeks after meeting him. Buying him Apple watches. Telling guys on first dates about your eggs and stuff, these aren’t things you do.”


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I swear Jax enjoys gossip more than most women I know. We have seen Scheana go above and beyond for her boyfriends on the show. When she’s in a relationship, she’s all in. Even still, I hate to admit this, but Jax has a point. I think her dating life could benefit from scaling back of lavish trips, luxury gifts, and the discussion of her eggs. At least in the beginning.

But leave it to Lisa to put Jax in his place. “Says the advice coming from the Pope. You’ve given everything away on the first date without knowing their name. You used to.”


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You tell him, Lisa! Sure, Jax actually makes some sense here. But given his romantic history, we can’t let him think that he’s in any way, shape, or form qualified to give out relationship advice.


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