Kristen Doute Says This Season Of Vanderpump Rules “Really Sucked”

This season of Vanderpump Rules feels like we are watching two different shows. There are way too many new people. It’s so tough to get invested in their lives. It makes even less sense that these randoms have been plopped into the same friend group as the long-time cast members. Just none of it adds up.

Sure, there were some entertaining moments this season. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the glory days of Vanderpump Rules are long gone. Even Kristen Doute isn’t feeling Season 8.

In an interview on the Mention It All podcast, Kristen commented, “We had 55 new cast members, that I really didn’t care about to get to know a lot of people who were thrown into my life when I had all these momentous moments going on.

Kristen commented, “A lot of people are like ‘Oh these new cast members are so thirsty.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, we’re all on a reality show.’ Are we not al la little thirsty to be on TV? Let’s be honest.” Well, she’s not wrong. Say what you want about Kristen, but she seems to have a good sense of perspective on all this.


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Kristen said, “I’m never against having fresh blood or new people coming on the show. In a sense, it’s a bit essential because it helps kind of keep the story moving. But, also, that many people in one second, I just don’t care.” SAME HERE, KRISTEN. SAME HERE. Who are they?

She continued, “I just don’t think they were integrated very well.” She explained, “I think [it might have worked] with a couple of people at a time, but throwing in that many people at us… and granted they work for Lisa [Vanderpump]. I don’t work for Lisa. A lot of us didn’t work at the restaurant anymore. Other than Scheana [Marie], a lot of us didn’t get the opportunity to know them in the beginning and that was the problem.”


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She also spoke for a lot of viewers when she said, “This season really sucked.”

However, Kristen might feel that way for different reasons than the best of us. She seemingly meant that it just “really sucked” for her to film.

Kristen remarked, “It didn’t suck as much as season two, which will forever live in my heart as the worst season of all time due to me.”


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In case anyone forgot, season 2 was the season when Kristen denied sleeping with Jax Taylor when she was in a relationship with Tom Sandoval (who was asleep in the next room) while Jax was supposedly trying to “win back” Stassi Schroeder. That was one of the best seasons. It was so entertaining, full of twists and turns. However, it makes sense that Kristen herself didn’t love that season.


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Kristen continued, “But, this season was really hard because it felt so final at certain moments. It felt like with the girls and I, we just couldn’t get it back, and [Brian] Carter and I just couldn’t get it back. And now I know in hindsight with Carter.  I that was just so much better for the both of us, especially for me.”

Kristen added, “That sounded mean, but it was just better for all parties involved.” She also revealed, “I had a lot of family stuff back home. My brother was really sick. I think I just couldn’t keep my head in the game.”

So, basically, she’s saying this season “really sucked” to film and to watch (at some points anyway).


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