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Faith Stowers Allegedly Said Lisa Vanderpump “Will Kiss My Ass” To Come On The Show In Leaked Messages About Taking Down Vanderpump Rules Cast Before Firings

There is absolutely nothing remotely acceptable about the way that Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute treated Faith Stowers in 2018. They accused her of committing crimes she had nothing to do with based on security camera footage of another black woman who was not Faith. They called the police and the military police (Faith is a veteran) and then they bragged about this in a podcast and on social media.

At the time, there was very little outrage in response. Now, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, Faith got a lot of support when she told that story (which she should have had back then when she shared the same information). Shockingly, Bravo took action this time, firing Stassi and Kristen along with Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens, who both had racially offensive tweets resurface in January 2020. When Faith told her story again, she was finally heard. She finally had support. Then she started doing more interviews, talking about how she’d love to “return” to the show, where she was never a full-time cast member. She went from claiming Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t care about George Floyd’s death because George Floyd isn’t a dog to praising Lisa for accepting Bravo’s decision to fire four cast members.

And that’s when opinions on this started to divide. While there’s no doubt that that Faith was mistreated, some people wonder if Faith had an agenda with her recent comments. Obviously, this is such a sensitive situation for many reasons, but adding to the scandal is a leaked private message conversation between Faith and an unknown person from before the firings, where Faith seemingly reveled in the idea of Lisa Vanderpump “kissing her ass” to “come back to the show.” Of course, it’s always possible this could have been fabricated, but if it wasn’t the messages do paint a very different take on the situation.

To be fair, it’s not completely clear if the leaked screenshots are genuine.  Bravo Snark Side shared screenshotsx from a conversation where someone wrote to Faith, “Girl, I am so excited You could get all of them fired. This is the time blacks unite and take the whites down. The entire show is made up of it.”

In response, Faith wrote, “Right? I don’t know what to say about Brittany [Cartwright] especially since she da∂ted a black dude previously. I’ll think of something.”


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The person messaging Faith wrote, “Lol! Yasss Queen. I don’t think many people know she dated a brother. Once you bring down Stassi and the other girl, you’ll be begged back.  Play the victim really well though.

Faith replied, “Totally can do that. It’s my time to be back on the show. Fuck them. Start from the top!” The Twitter user responded, “Girl Remember that podcast that Stassi did [about] you and calling the [police]?


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Faith said, “Of course. Where she bragged about her and Doute doing that shit?” And the person told Faith, “Yeah, you totally should say something. Right now with everything going on against us, they will get slaughtered! Lol!”

Faith asked, “You think?” Then she said, “I know someone who can get the word dout. Wonder if LVP will kiss my ass to come back on the show.” Again, Faith was never actually a cast member. Instead, she was just used for a storyline without ever getting confessional interviews.


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This person told Faith, “Do it! Girl you can go after Bravo, LVP, Stassi, Brittany, Jax [Taylor], James [Kennedy] and that Lala [Kent] bitch. You got to do it. Yo ucould make the news girl.”

Faith responded, “Let me get busy!”


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Stassi and Kristen absolutely deserve to be reprimanded for their behavior and subsequent remarks, but if this conversation is real, it’s a very interesting addition to the story. That’s for sure.


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