Denise Richards Claps Back At Eileen Davidson

Is anyone else feeling a gaping hole in their chest because Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on hiatus? It was finally turning around from disastrous previous season(s) and then they go on a break – leaving us with nothing to tune out to – two Wednesdays in a row!? Way harsh.

Some of us are waiting impatiently for Brandi Glanville’s return. According to the mid-season trailer, she’s set to reveal a secret affair rumor between her and Denise Richards. So far, throughout Season 10, we’ve been gifted with Aaron Phypers incoherent babbles about energy and cancer-curing, Kyle Richards’ bangs, and Garcelle Beauvais’ queen-like presence. I’m glazing over the stupid drama about all the women thinking Denise “mom-shamed” them because she didn’t want them talking about threesomes in front of kids. Aside from that dumb story, this season is having some moments!

Eileen Davidson’s return to RHOBH is another moment I’m waiting for (Lisa Vanderpump stans come at me!). According to an article in Us Weekly, Eileen appeared on Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast to dish on her return and the drama between Denise and the other women. She shared, “A few of the Housewives came to my husband’s premiere of his movie Seven Days to Vegas and I kind of had a feeling something was going on. And I was kind of waiting for something to happen.” We are too, Eileen!

She continued, saying, “I asked Denise, ‘are you ok?’ because it just felt weird, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’” Eileen, however, claims she knew, “something was going on.”


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For whatever reason Denise tweeted a response to this inane statement, saying, “since you publicly spoke about this @eileen_davidson when you asked me if I was OK at your husband’s premiere I was so nervous knowing I was having surgery in two days. I was so sick & in so much pain but we still wanted to be there.& I hadn’t told any of other women about it.” Good tweet, Denise.

A follower mentioned the obvious, saying that it didn’t seem like Eileen said anything negative. Denise replied, “I never said she was.” It is clear that Denise is annoyed at all of the women on the show right now. Except for Eileen maybe, who also shared this with the Daily Dish, “on the way over to Kyle’s party, I rode with Erika and Lisa and they were saying that something was going on with some BBQ that Denise had had and they thought [Denise was] being kind of hypocrite.” (The typos are from the article in Us Weekly).


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Eileen continued on to offer emotional support to Denise, saying, “I really don’t know what happened [with Brandi]. I don’t know if it happened. I honestly feel for [Denise]. Because even though you sign on for this, it’s not easy. And I’m not sure if she was prepared for all of this, you know? I feel for her.”

Eventually, Eileen responded to Denise’s tweet, saying, “When I saw this tweet this morning I immediately texted Denise and told her I meant nothing negative or provocative by the comments I made. She called me right away and told me she meant nothing by the tweet she sent. I like Denise very much. I think she’s a very cool chick.”


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Eileen probably does really feel for Denise. Never forget that Eileen has been on the receiving end of a Brandi tirade. RHOBH returns July 8th. That date is too far away!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]