Sophia Hutchins Caitlyn Jenner not joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Andy Cohen Addresses Report That Caitlyn Jenner And Sophia Hutchins Will Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Word on the street is Bravo is hustling to fill some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vacancies. Denise Richards drank her last Casamigos Blanco on camera and took off. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave also left, but that wasn’t her choice. Seriously, it was the one thing people asked for in 2020 and Bravo gave it to them. No word on if Kyle Richards has come through her period of mourning with her bangs intact.

Lots of names are being tossed around to fill the void. Does anyone have Nicollette Sheridan’s number? Many viewers would love to see Sutton Stracke become full time. Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton could join as a friend. People thought Pimp Mama Kris Jenner might be an option, but that’s a big no. I’m surprised Santa Claus hasn’t been contacted. Now Kris’ former spouse might be a contender. That’s right, Caitlyn Jenner and her BFF Sophia Hutchins are letting Bravo know they are willing and able to grab those diamonds.

It would certainly be groundbreaking. Caitlyn and Sophia give me “package deal” vibes, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t hold their own. I assure you these two ladies have dealt with much worse than Erika Jayne’s side-eye, so I guess it could be interesting. Caitlyn happens to be friends with Harry Hamlin and Sophia knows Lisa Rinna on a social level. Let the speculation begin!

According to TMZ this rumor might have legs. Four legs to be exact. Sources say Sophia had dinner with former Housewife Eileen Davidson recently and they discussed the possibility of Sophia coming in to play the big game. Apparently they had a chit chat and Eileen shared her experiences during her time on RHOBH. Now Sophia thinks it might be a hoot to get on board. Insiders claim Sophia’s people reached out to production to let them know she is available. Because Sophia currently lives with Caitlyn, she would make appearances as well.


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Sophia has been questioned about her involvement but her lips are sealed. She did say Caitlyn gave her the thumbs up to go for it and try to claim the spot before Kyle finds another relative. But Caitlyn might have her own reasons for encouraging her best bud. Caitlyn seems to want to be a “friend of” during next season. I suppose not much is off limits to Cait after enduring 900 years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If she can handle a large family of females, she might be able to go toe to toe with Rinna’s mouth.

Not to burst Cait and Sophia’s dreams of conquering Beverly Hills or anything, but Andy Cohen would like a moment. Today on his show, Radio Andy, Daddy pulled the plug on any conjecture involving the duo. He said, “This is one of those ‘calling from inside the house people’, as they say.” Translation, Caitlyn and Sophia planted their own story. Gasp! The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick would NEVER.


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Andy continued, “I know they have expressed their interest publicly and on social media.” Andy also said they tagged him in posts, but Bravo has never formally discussed an option with either lady. He pretty much closes the door and admits, “that rumor is just not true.” When asked if he would even be open to the additions, Andy heaves the biggest sigh you have ever heard and replies, “I just don’t see it.”

Well, there goes another casting rumor down the drain. Who could be next, the Tooth Fairy? Harry Hamlin’s secret mistress, Patricia the whore from Muskoka? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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