Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Celebrates Two Years Of Sobriety

Some of the cast members of Vanderpump Rules that were not fired for being racist have a lot to celebrate these days. Scheana Shay is newly pregnant. Her boyfriend might have a name like a criminal doctor on All My Children, but she seems happy and we certainly wish her the best. Lala Kent’s rags to riches story also continues to improve. Thankfully Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix have not fallen victim to breeding publicity stunts because it’s on-trend at the moment.

Once hailed as the resident whore (because Katie calls it like she sees it) of SUR, now Lala is a mom-to-be. Currently still with her fiancé, Randall Emmett, hopefully Rand will pay all of his bills before the little bundle of joy arrives. These days Lala is observing another milestone in her life. Sadly, she has not repaired her relationship with Schee Shoo, but she has stayed on the wagon.

The Pump Rules pregnancy pact is truly one of the more bizarre “storylines” I’ve seen play out. You either have to really be committed to parenting or cameras to pull off such an impressive caper. Is this a Lifetime movie or a Bravo show? Of course nothing is more ironic than a gaggle of females from the same program getting pregnant at the same time, only to have the gig cancelled. We aren’t exactly positive Vanderpump Rules is coming back, despite anything Jax Taylor ever says.

The cast of the show are friends when it’s convenient and alcohol has always been the common denominator. Nothing brings people together like vodka sodas and Adderall. But everyone grows up, eventually. Lala struggled with alcohol abuse and made the very adult decision to get sober. In March 2019, Lala admitted she was an alcoholic and sought assistance from Alcoholics Anonymous.


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As we find ourselves nearing the end of a turbulent year, Lala finds herself two years sober. And it’s definitely a reason to pat herself on the back. Rand posted about the happy moment on his Instagram, that his beloved is blocked from seeing. He shared a photo of Lala with a piece of birthday cake, as many people in AA refer to sober anniversaries as “birthdays”. Randall’s caption read, “I can’t tell you how proud of you I am! 2 years ago you decided to change your life forever. You made a decision, do the work and it brings tears to my eyes to see your path of sobriety. I love you and toast you tonight on your biggest success in life. Can’t wait to see our next chapter with our baby on the way. #alcoholfreebeer”

Yes, an alcohol free beer is also in the snap, but it isn’t open and Lala isn’t seen drinking it. Non-alcoholic beer is generally considered safe for pregnant women. Medical officials have said, “On one hand, there’s very little – if any – alcohol in most non-alcoholic beers and no evidence that drinking alcohol-free beer is harmful in pregnancy. This makes alcohol-free beer a sensible alternative to normal-strength beer when you’re pregnant. On the other hand, there’s no safe level of alcohol in pregnancy.” I drank A.1. steak sauce out of the bottle when I was expecting, so I’m probably not one to comment on this subject.


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Congrats to Lala on her latest achievement and best wishes to staying strong. Perhaps she will be able to work out some of her friendship issues as well. And if nothing else, as Lala and Randall look forward to bringing a child into the world during these “trying times”, at least we can sleep at night knowing she will never run out of baby bottles.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]