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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: More Surprises, Moore Shade

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been unlike any other. The focus on the harsh realities of the world we live in has transformed the lens of the show. Watching Porsha Williams fight against racial injustice has been one of the biggest evolutions EVER. In addition to the protesting, the pandemic has also been front and center this season. Cynthia Bailey’s dream wedding is turning into a possible nightmare as a result.

One thing that’s been missing a bit is the group scenes between the women. We haven’t seen Porsha interact with any of the main cast in person yet which is highly unusual. It’s only a matter of time before she and Kenya Moore reignite their long rivalry and send us even closer to Strippergate. The newbies this season Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali have also brought a much needed new vibe to the series. HIGH KEY loving this season.

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cynthia has a lot of pent up emotions, so she’s meeting up with Kenya for some yoga. She definitely needs it. I know she wants the wedding of her dreams, but she’s also acting a bit unreasonable. She’s risking losing Mike Hill over this Bridezilla type behavior. That could backfire and alienate him completely.

Naturally she wants everything to go perfectly well, but that’s not the world we live in these days. Even Kenya is looking at Cynthia some type of way over the way she’s handling things. The marriage is what is truly important here, but she’s so damn focused on this wedding.


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Kenya tries to explain to Cynthia how she’s sending mixed messages to Mike. DUH! I don’t even really care for Kenya, but she’s spot on with this. Cynthia cares more about the spectacle of everything than what really matters.

They both break down the fourth wall ENTIRELY and talk about the wedding being filmed for the show. That’s what Cynthia cares about the most. She has no desire to lose out on that big storyline moment. TOO BAD. Cynthia tries to shut that down by saying the show didn’t tell her she had to have a big wedding. I get that to some extent, but without the wedding this season, what really does Cynthia offer to the series? Her storyline is dry and tired.

Cynthia starts screaming at Kenya to listen and support her, but ultimately she agrees to speak to Mike. That’s all she has to do. Mike needs to be reassured that she values the commitment she’s about to make to him. A wedding is just a fleeting moment in time. The marriage is the part that matters in the end.

Kenya doesn’t want there to be any doubt about her friendship with Cynthia after last year’s engagement mess. I truly think she feels bad about how she acted, almost spoiling the moment for Cynthia. However, I have also seen way too many instances of Kenya being shady to Cynthia. Why does Cynthia constantly let things slide? Hold Kenya accountable for the things she says and does.


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Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss and Kenya meet up for lunch, and Kenya gives her the tea on Cynthia and Mike. Kandi hits the nail on the head about how much better off Cynthia is financially this time around. She has the means to have the wedding of her dreams, and she’s going to do it no matter what. Fair enough.

Kenya wants to throw Cynthia a surprise engagement party to make up for her past mistakes. That’s actually really sweet. They’re throwing the party under the guise that it’s really Kandi in charge. So many people have such disdain for Kenya that they might not show if they know it’s being thrown by her. That should really make Kenya want to do some self reflection about her character. Who wants to be that disliked by so many?

Kenya throws shade in Porsha’s direction about putting everyone at risk by not wearing a mask during protests. You know Kenya was WAITING for a moment to get that out there. She’s never gotten along with Porsha, but this doesn’t feel like the topic to be attacking her about. What exactly is Kenya doing for the cause? This feels like a misplaced dig.

There’s an electric chemistry between Kenya and LaToya of them, and I kind of love it. Kenya feels lighter this season, and if LaToya is the reason, bring her around more.


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Ralph Pittman Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew & Ralph Pittman are destined for divorce. I think that’s glaringly obvious for everyone watching. Has there ever been a couple that is this much of a dumpster fire so early on?

They’ve had numerous fights already this season in we’re only on episode four. That has to be a new record. Ralph is problematic, and I look forward to the day Drew drops his ass, and reclaims her life. The weird hidden cameras in the home were too much for my liking.

Ralph tells the counselor he just wants respect and sex out of the relationship. What a total f**king tool. That is NOT how you put in the work in a marriage. He isn’t taking this seriously on any level. He’s laughing during the entire session. Drew is baring her heart and soul, and he’s feigning support. Screw THAT.

The root of the issue comes across like stuff they’re carrying from their childhood. The mistakes their parents made have seeped into their marriage in a big way. They both react to one another in ways that have been ingrained in them all of their lives. If they can BOTH put in the work, maybe they’ll find a way to save this disaster marriage.


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Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams calls Kandi & Cynthia and invites them to a surprise party for Porsha. EVERYONE is invited, but when Cynthia asks about inviting Kenya, it’s a whole problem. Cynthia’s able to get the green light to bring Kenya as a plus one, but I have a feeling some shady stuff is about to happen.

First of all, why would Kenya even want to go? She was just having lunch with Kandi and trashing Porsha over the protesting. Showing up to a party meant to celebrate that just seems like a weird move after that conversation. If anything, Kenya attending is going to do nothing but stir up trouble.

Ralph’s father passed away unexpectedly, so he and Drew are heading out of town for his services. That’s horrible news. It’s the worst feeling in the world to lose a parent, so my heart goes out to him. You can tell how much it hurts him to talk about it. I do have to say that these two lay it ALLLLLL out there for the cameras. You have to respect that level of commitment to “reality”.

Porsha & Tanya Sam’s friendship is one of my favorites in all of Housewives. Tanya is so full of light and fun energy, but she will never ever have a peach. I know she stopped filming the show, but regardless of that she is too perky for the show.


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Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cynthia and Kenya speak about an hour before the surprise party, but Cynthia delivers some awful news. Despite originally agreeing to allow Cynthia to bring Kenya, Lauren has changed her mind. She doesn’t want Kenya at the party AT ALL. That’s so harsh. I don’t think Kenya was going to cause a huge scene. In fact, she looked super stoked to give Porsha’s daughter a birthday gift.

Kenya is PISSED after learning she’s been told not to come. She demands to know if the producers knew about this ahead of time, but they deny any prior knowledge. She wants someone to pair for her hair and makeup, and I don’t blame her. You don’t wait only an hour prior to the party to tell someone they can’t come. They’re horrible etiquette, and just plain rude.

There’s genuine hurt in Kenya’s voice, and now she’s lashing out. She’s full of shade toward Porsha and the party, and she starts trashing the motivation behind it. She feels as if the entire party is fake and self-serving. What might be the biggest blow though is the way she accuses Porsha of getting arrested on purpose in front of cameras.

It’s hard to figure out where to side with this because uninviting her is definitely rude. However, Kenya doesn’t support Porsha’s protesting or find it genuine, so why would she want to be there? Don’t go if you’re harboring some sort of resentment.


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Porsha breaks down into tears upon her arrival to the surprise party, and it’s great to see. She’s come so far from her first season on the show, and her transformation has been inspiring to witness. It’s like she’s not even the same person. I thought she would change into all black to match her guests, but I guess looking like a Nick JR advertisement seemed like the better idea.

Cynthia tries to be messy by bringing up Kenya being uninvited, but Porsha is fine with Lauren’s choice. It looks as if we are on the verge of yet another feud between Kenya and Porsha. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. I’d pay to watch these two go at it any day of the week.


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