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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: 10.10.20

It’s been coming all season on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Cynthia Bailey’s nuptials to Mike Hill have finally arrived! Time to #Chill Out and enjoy the show! Things have been a bit contentious since the bachelorette party, but now it’s time to celebrate. Cynthia has finally found love again. That’s all that should matter right now. We’ve seen her evolution over the last decade, and we all know how much this moment means to her.

Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams are beefing right now, but let’s hope they can set it aside for this big day. There’s too much at stake for Cynthia to risk ruining her moment. Kenya’s finally figured out who slept with the stripper, so Porsha’s undoubtedly irritated by this. Also causing an issue right now is Kenya’s new alliance with Marlo Hampton. Porsha feels like it’s simply a friendship born out of convenience. It remains to be seen whether or not that’s true.

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cynthia’s very concerned about the possible weather on her wedding day. Nothing would put a damper on her day more than a storm trashing the entire thing. It’s finally happening, so Mother Nature needs to take a step back. Give Cynthia a break!

Ideally, she wants the wedding to go down outside, but the weather might not cooperate. There’s nothing she can do to stop it though. I guess it’s a hope and pray situation at this point.


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There’s only one day until Cynthia’s wedding, and her mood is not ready for this. The weather really might ruin everything she’s hoped for. It already sucks because it’s happening during the pandemic. As a result of the virus, it’s better for her if they can have it outside. It just doesn’t look possible though.

Eva Marcille visits Cynthia the night before the wedding, and she’s one of the bridesmaids. It’s great that they were able to form a genuine friendship beyond costars on the show. A lot of times, that does not happen. True friendships are hard to come by on the Housewives.

They’ve gone through great lengths to make sure this wedding is following CDC guidelines. They can’t force everyone to do it, but they’re doing the best they can. I appreciate their efforts because they’ve gotten a lot of slack for this event. Many might consider it a super spreader event, but they’re trying to thwart any passing of the virus.

It’s also so great to see Eva not with child. Nothing against pregnant women, but I feel like she was expecting most of her time on this show. I think one more season with no pregnancy could’ve been a breakout season for her.


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Kenya thinks Cynthia’s opening herself up for criticism about her wedding. Choosing to follow through with the wedding during the pandemic is something that will absolutely garner backlash. Cynthia needs to have a backbone strong enough to handle what she’s going to get. Blowback is unavoidable from this.

The topic shifts to Cynthia’s bachelorette party, and Kenya is in full mess mode. Kenya doesn’t get why Kandi Burruss won’t call the people out that were involved. What’s she so confused about? Kandi started the entire night off by saying it was a judgement free zone.

Kenya feels like if she’s the only person speaking out against this that Porsha will try to discredit her. It really boils down to who made Kenya the judge and jury about all of this? Kandi doesn’t want to ruin Tanya Sam’s relationship, but Kenya wants her to back her up.

For Kenya, it’s important for them to understand that it WILL be talked about. If it were Kenya, they’d be shouting this news from the roof top. However, Kandi doesn’t want anyone to be shamed for whatever they choose to do sexually. FACTS THOUGH. I get where Kenya’s coming from because she’s always public enemy number one. I also understand Kandi because she’s always been sexually free. It’s hard to know where to side with this.


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Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Shamea Morton’s hosting a party without the aunties present. This is supposed to be the opposite of the party in Charleston. Unlike that event, this one is going to be judgement free. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Porsha’s nervous about seeing Dennis McKinley at Cynthia’s wedding because of their past. They aren’t even engaged anymore, so it might be weird watching someone else getting married. These two really need to figure out their situation. The constant back and forth isn’t even entertaining to watch. Is the hot dog king the best Porsha can really do? Come on now.

Drew calls out Marlo for making a video saying it wasn’t her that slept with the stripper. She didn’t want her nephew thinking she was involved in activity like that. He’s on the internet all the time, so naturally stuff about Marlo is going to pop up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her ruling herself out as a “suspect”.

The issue with everyone is that Kenya also put up a similar post. Due to the recent reconciliation between Marlo & Kenya, it’s a little bit suspect they’d both do it. Am I the only one who doesn’t think that’s wrong though? If you don’t want people to think it’s you, there’s no harm and telling everyone you weren’t involved.


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Marlo doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for who she chooses to be friends with. She doesn’t answer to Porsha. Whatever issues Porsha has with Kenya is on her. Marlo has been feuding with Kenya since the dawn of time, and it was well past time to finally squash that beef.

LaToya Ali’s the next to arrive, and Drew’s feeling her vibe at first. They start playing Truth or Dare Jenga which I immediately need to play with my friends. Marlo gets a dare that requires her to do five laps topless around the room. She just ripped off that top and galloped around that living room living her entire best life.

Porsha’s still denying having ever slept with Bolo, but we ALL know that’s not true. I think she’s trying to do her best to protect Tanya, but her friend already gave herself up. Tanya could’ve gotten away with this if she just kept her mouth shut. She was the one that put the final piece together in Kenya’s crusade for the truth.

LaToya tells the women she thinks Kenya leaked the story to the press. I mean, Kenya’s the only one in the group that seems to care who did what with the well endowed stripper. Porsha fires back at LaToya accusing her of being the leak. She thinks Latoya’s being two different people in this group.


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Drew starts coming for LaToya’s throat about how she threw her under the bus at their prior dinner. I think LaToya has a valid point about Drew. She went on and on about LaToya not honoring marriage or respecting it, but Drew was the first one to be ALLLLL up on Bolo and his package. Pick a lane honey.

Drew says she has a perfect marriage which we all know isn’t true. Let’s talk about the husband. Let’s talk about what you don’t want out. Why did he take off to Tampa and what was he doing? Worry about your failing home life please.

Obviously Kenya leaked the story because it divulged information she kept fishing for and it was to her back pocket blogger. COME ON NOW. This is starting to scream Lisa Vanderpump Radar Online energy. We know you leaked the damn story, so fess up, so we can all move on with our lives.

Everyone in the room turns on LaToya more when she shares personal details of Kenya’s divorce from Marc Daly. It’s not LaToya’s place to be going around spilling this to everyone. Almost nobody in that room is on good terms with Kenya. All they did is give them ammo to fire at Kenya when given the opportunity.


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Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

After all of the drama surrounding it, Cynthia’s father won’t be coming to the wedding. He’s not comfortable going anywhere right now in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. At least someone in the family has a brain about this virus!

Porsha’s getting ready for the wedding, but an Instagram post from Dennis has her f**ked up. He posted that he was single as f**k in response to learning she didn’t want him coming to Cynthia’s wedding. The timing of this post couldn’t be worse. Everyone’s going to assume it’s because she allegedly slept with the stripper. However, we all know they’ve been apart for a while now. Dennis is messy messy.

Cynthia’s wedding was going against the COVID-19 protocols at the time, so the crew could not film the wedding. We’re going to see everything from cell phone footage most likely. If the show you’re on can’t even record your wedding, that should tell you something. Her obsession with the date was so inconsiderate to so many people.


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Drew lost her voice, so she won’t be able to sing at the wedding. Add that to the growing list of things that have gone wrong. The one thing that hasn’t gone wrong is THAT DRESS. It’s one of the most stunning wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but she’s more at peace with Mike. We can now pretend her previous wedding never happened.

Porsha meets with Dennis to talk about the issues they’re still facing. Dennis wants to talk about EVERYTHING that led to their breakup, but Porsha doesn’t want to. Their baby is the only real string holding them together still. FACTS. They’ve never truly clicked as a couple.

Porsha’s tired of it all. This feels like the end of the road for these two as a couple. I don’t think the trust ever really returned after he cheated on her. It’s sad for PJ that it’s over, but sometimes these things are for the best.


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