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California State Bar Files Disciplinary Charges Against Tom Girardi For Allegedly Swindling Millions Of Dollars From Clients

It looks like you legal eagle fans are in for a busy next few weeks! On the heels of Jen Shah’s fall from grace, we are still dealing with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne and Tom Girard’s scandal. And this mess goes back decades. Allegedly. In addition, Tom may or may not be suffering from memory loss, but after exposure to excessive amounts of hairspray and spray tan fumes over the years, anything is possible.

We know Erika dumped Tom because of his cheating ways, and definitely not because they were trying to save their asses. We know Tom is being kicked out of his house and will probably have to relocate to Encino. And we know Tom somehow lost tons of cash and has no idea where it went – but it definitely didn’t fund Erika’s singing career because she has real, natural talent, y’all… We also know Big Tommy was stripped of his ability to practice law in California. Now the California State Bar takes one more step in the Girardi downfall. Disciplinary charges against Tommy have been filed.

As of Tuesday, March 30, Big Tommy is formally charged with misappropriating millions in client funds, dishonesty, and other acts of moral turpitude in his law practice. I wonder if “other acts of moral turpitude” include allowing his beloved spouse to release “music” to unsuspecting people everywhere. Anyprettymess, this is just another nail in the coffin of what was once a legendary attorney who made himself famous by fighting for the little guy.

According to KTLA in Los Angeles, the disciplinary charges “carry great symbolic weight for bar regulators, who have been under fire for their handling of Girardi over the decades”. Despite multiple sketchy dealings, Tom managed to keep a spotless attorney license with the bar. Unfortunately, after Erika filed for divorce, all kinds of interesting things started coming out that tarnished the once-great litigator’s reputation.


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The 19-page filing in the State Bar’s Los Angeles court identifies three cases in the last year where Tom ALLEGEDLY failed to pass on financial settlements he had negotiated for clients. Children and widows of a horrible plane crash didn’t get their money, but Erika got a new Cartier ring. A woman who lost her spouse in a boating accident is still waiting for her settlement, but Erika spent $40k a month on glam. And a husband and wife expecting settlement funds after a dispute with a medical device manufacturer never received their payout. But Erika was still able to gift her husband a $5,000 toilet for his birthday.

In a January voicemail message, Tommy blatantly lied assured his co-counsel clients were compensated, “I want you to know that we paid all of the people. We had to wait for releases, and we couldn’t pay until the releases came through, and so they’re all paid.” His statement was called “false and misleading,” by the bar, as the money had not, in fact, been paid. At this time, Tom’s lawyer has declined to comment on the charges.


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As RHOBH fans continue to wonder if Erika will go down with the sinking ship, things get worse for Tom. Earlier this month, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles voted to revoke the awards it previously bestowed on Tom, including his induction to the trade group’s hall of fame. But don’t worry, Erika is making do by joking about dating profiles and posting S&M pics on social media in the wake of her husband’s medical and legal issues. Disciplinary actions are expected to continue.


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