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Tom Girardi’s Brother Robert Begs Court Not To Evict Tom From Mansion

Things aren’t looking up for Tom Girardi. And they certainly aren’t looking up for his soon-to-be-ex wife Erika Jayne. No matter how much she tries to ignore it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been embroiled in multiple court cases thanks to Tom’s inability not to steal money from clients. Allegedly. The fall from grace has been somewhat epic, as Erika once fancied herself flying to “singing” appearances on a private plane. Now, she would be lucky to get an Uber to the supermarket.

At least Erika has somewhere to live, for now. Poor old Tom has been holed up in the Pasadena Palace he once shared with Erika, living alone amid a declining mental state and other health concerns. Oddly enough, no one ever speculated about Tom’s health when he ALLEGEDLY defrauded victims he represented and a boat load of creditors he didn’t pay until he got caught. Tom’s assets are as inherently cold as Erika’s heart and he’s since been targeted for eviction. Now Tom’s brother and conservator begs the courts to let him stay in the mansion. I guess Motel 6 has no vacancies.

We’re still talking about Tom. Quite frankly we have to because you know good and well Miss Erika will not be MENTIONING IT ALL on the RHOBH season currently filming. It’s expected Erika will go full Daytime Emmy. Perhaps she’ll even bring the maligned-person’s favorite accessory, the folded tissue, for her interview scenes where she will be playing the role of “victim”.

Tom isn’t saying much. If you believe his defense team, he’s hunkered down in the Church of Latter Day Grifters located on the third floor of Grey Gardens. I mean, his house.

The courts want Big Tommy out of the estate that once housed Erika’s trunks of latex and shame in an effort to put the home on the market. Last month, the trustee presiding over Tom’s involuntary bankruptcy case asked the court for permission to seize the property. Tom’s creditors filed Chapter 7 because he owes millions of dollars and apparently will not pay. The judge overseeing the case signed off. The judge also appointed a trustee who is trying to liquidate Tom’s assets to pay off the debts.


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Big Tommy’s brother Robert Girardi was named temporary conservator over Tom and his estate. He filed a request to put eviction notices on pause while he tries to wrap his head around the mess created by Tom and Erika. In documentation obtained by Us Weekly, Robert said, “I understand that my brother’s home may ultimately need to be sold. In this regard, I am making plans for him to have a place to live should his home be sold.”

Oh come on Bobby, we all know you have a spare room at your crib.

Robert continued, “presently he has no place to live that is familiar to him and near his medical professionals. … I do not believe that immediately removing my brother from his home is justified.” How about we ask the families of Lion Air Flight 610 what they think is justified? The court has yet to make a decision on Robert’s request, but if Tom is as bad off as they want us to think, should someone in his frail condition live in a big ‘ol shack with no supervision?


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Robert said attempting to understand the “personal and professional issues” Tom is facing has been one of “the most trying times in my life.” No doubt.

I bet burn victims who had their homes leveled in a gas explosion can relate. Should Tom be forced out of his manse? Should someone check and see if Erika is rotating on a rotisserie spit? While we still don’t know the outcome of this legal mess, we do still know it’s definitely about Tom.


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