Erika and Tom

Former Lender Provides Signatures That Could Prove Erika Jayne’s Direct Knowledge Of Tom Girardi’s Financial Issues

The long and drawn out saga of Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi continues. Tom has pretty much lost everything. His wife, his career, and his reputation is already 6 feet under. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star hasn’t skipped a beat though. Erika filed for divorce from Tom under the guise he was a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, but that may or may not be accurate given the circumstances.

‘Ol Tom and Erika have some explaining to do. Tom’s camp is trying to avoid explaining by diagnosing him with Alzheimer’s Disease, which is currently being challenged. Erika has remained unbothered as usual, filming RHOBH and playing the victim of a man who did her wrong. But not so fast, darling! We might have our first tangible kink in the system, and I’m not talking about Erika’s fondness for latex. It looks like some signatures have popped up. This could implicate Erika. The Pretty Mess is about to get a whole lot messier, you guys.

We don’t need Miss Allison DuBois and her electronic cigarette (inhales in sinister manner) to tell us Erika won’t address any of the alleged embezzlement charges she and Tom are facing. What she will probably do is talk about the divorce itself, and how damaging it is to HER – but I think a good portion of the viewing audience already figured out why Erika filed those papers. While Big Tommy’s life has imploded because of his alleged grifting, there has been no actual evidence to pin on EJ that she knew. Thankfully, attorney Ronald Richards has taken a peculiar interest in this case and uncovered some very interesting signatures.

This morning on Twitter, Ronald Richards posted, “In connection with an opposition to @erikajayne’s request to get a part of the $600,000 exemption from Tom Girardi’s house, a lender has provided damaging signatures showing her direct involvement in the borrowing by TG and this will become powerful evidence against her in any future case if she tries to claim she didn’t know what was going on.” Erika and her attorneys have already suggested she has no part in Tom’s legal issues. She is doing a great job of playing the unaffected estranged wife who was victimized by her husband’s bad business and wandering eye.


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Ronald added, “These purportedly signed documents would undercut that position. She was assisting in the loan and in fact, gave a priority to the lender over her own personal assets. You can judge for yourself.” The documents can be viewed here. If Erika claims to have zero knowledge Tom was going broke or borrowing tons of money, this signature now negates that excuse. Fun fact, on previous documents Erika had to sign, the signature appears to be different. This could lead to Erika accusing someone of forgery, which would go directly back to Tom. On the bright side, Erika has always said, “you’re not married to a lawyer for 20 years without learning something”. Hmmm.

According to Ronald, criminal charges will not be filed against Erika until clear evidence she had knowledge of the situation presents itself. These papers are definitely on the keychain that may eventually unlock an indictment in Erika’s direction. While people continue to ponder over what Erika did or didn’t know, consider this excerpt from her memoir; “The whole Erika Jayne project was only possible because I’m self-funded. The haters are always going to say, ‘All you do is spend your husband’s money.’ First of all, it’s our money. Know how I know? Because the IRS tells us that it is. My name is on that tax return too.” Signed, sealed, and delivered.


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