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Report: Sutton Stracke Is Only Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Not Supporting Erika Jayne During Her Divorce

By all accounts, next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will revolve around Erika Jayne. This is due in part because most of the other cast has settled the majority of their legal problems – looking at you Dorit and PK Kemsley! If nothing else, hopefully we can avoid any fabricated storylines that are only meant to distract viewers from the real battles no one wants to talk about.

It goes without saying Erika has a huge job in front of her. After years of ALLEGEDLY allowing her estranged husband to deposit stolen money into her corporate account, now she has to act like she knew nothing about it. Erika will also face the challenge of playing the poor divorcee who is ravaged by her ex-husband’s deceit and infidelity. I wonder if she called Eileen Davidson for some tips. The streets are saying Erika has the full support of her cast mates during her performance trying times, but apparently Sutton Stracke is not playing along.

We’ve heard the rumors Erika is going to be “open and honest” about the downfall of her marriage. And if you believe that, there are many bridges across the United States she would like to sell you – along with some of her old clothes. Erika has been accused of divorcing Tom Girardi in a sham effort to avoid embezzlement charges. Erika also wants you to believe she is the victim of a man who relentlessly cheated on her. If she is able to come across as contrite and sad onscreen, it will most definitely negate her social media presence since the news broke of her numerous legal issues.

As usual, viewers have heard reports of the RHOBH ladies rallying around Erika in her time of need. They tend to do this when one of them has something to cover up. Puppygate, anyone? Now that filming has been underway on Season 11 for a minute, there is some chatter that one lady in particular is not following along. According to HollywoodLife, Sutton is straying from the pack mentality. Get her, girl.


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A source is speculating Sutton and the Pretty Mess are about to go head to head. “This season of RHOBH will heavily revolve around Erika. Her divorce will be heavily covered and it’ll be the main drama of the entire season. She’s not holding anything back. Whatever she can legally say, she’s saying it,” the insider said. “You’ll see Erika crying and getting very emotional, definitely. Everyone but Sutton has been supporting her, but Sutton has been causing drama for everyone, so it’s not surprising she’s doing the same to Erika. The season is all about Erika.” Thank you Lisa Rinna, “source”.

Exactly what Sutton is doing to Erika remains to be seen. Perhaps Sutton will ask why Erika is so butthurt now that Big Daddy is no longer able to siphon money from plane crash and burn victims. Allegedly. Instead of giving credit to Sutton for not entertaining the lies excuses, Rinna the source implies she is only doing it to be in front of the camera. Oh, so like every other Housewife in Housewife history. “Sutton’s causing a lot of drama with the women this season because she really wants airtime. She’s not getting along with anyone and it seems to be strictly for the cameras. The season will be all about Erika and the drama Sutton is causing because everyone else is getting along perfectly.” SURE, JAN.


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Apparently the role of Camille Grammer 007 will now be played by Sutton Stracke. So who’s ready for 13 episodes dedicated to feeling sorry for Erika? Is it possible Erika can somehow sway the viewers to go along with whatever angle she chooses? Is Erika just another victim in Big Daddy Tom’s long trail of subterfuge and trickery? Sutton doesn’t have a diamond yet, but this just may be the season she earns one.


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