Eva Marcille Says Tanya Sam Is “Not [Her] Cup Of Tea”; Asks Fans To Never Associate Them Together

Tanya Sam high-tailed it off of the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season after she told on herself for sharing a bed with Porsha Williams on the night of #strippergate. Tanya wanted no part in Kenya Moore’s crusade to figure out who took a ride on the Bolo stick during Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

Compared to Marlo Hampton and LaToya Ali, Tanya’s been pretty quiet as a friend-of and didn’t seem interested in starting drama. And while she hasn’t been seen filming with the ladies since the bachelorette party, she’s apparently got some beef with a ghost from RHOA past. 

A fan Instagram account @realhousewivesofatlthetotaltea posted a side-by-side photo of Tanya and alum Eva Marcille wearing red lipstick. The caption read, “A bold red lip has never hurt anyone.” So very harmless. However, Eva was pissed off and let her feelings be known in the comments.

The same account posted a screenshot of Eva’s comments. “Please don’t post us together EVER. Not my cup of tea or coffee. Don’t let my proper red lip confuse you, the is NO relationship OR comparison PERIOD,” she wrote. I need to know the tea. What could this animosity against Tanya possibly stem from? Eva was a bore for the majority of her time on ATL, so something really bad must have happened off-camera for her to go after such a nice and boring post. She should be happy that Bravo accounts are even still posting about her at all at this point.


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Eva made a slight cameo this season as a bridesmaid in COVID Bailey’s super-spreader event wedding, but otherwise, she’s been out of the reality game and back to her acting work. The hilarious news is that she’s starring in a movie alongside Bolo the stripper, so maybe she does have some dirt on Tanya. And if anyone is pissed, it’s probably Tanya because we know she’s trying to deny her rendezvous with Bolo and Porsha Luther King at the party. But everyone is over the dragged-out drama. The ladies need to just own it and move on already.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]