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Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Says She Already Wants Another Baby With Randall Emmett

Here’s a question, if you have a baby but no one is around to film it, did you really have a baby? Should we ask Stassi Schroeder? It’s no secret the majority of the Vanderpump Rules cast is with-child. It is also no secret that these pregnancies were not born of a desire to have a family, but a desire to stay relevant. The Pump Rules pregnancy pact was a real thing and it was real weird. It’s a shame they all got knocked up to save a show that is currently not in production. Good luck with the price of formula though!

Lala Kent is one of the card-carrying pregnancy pact members. Her fairy tale romance with Randall Emmett gave us a plethora of memories. We have the alleged affair. The morning-after Range Rover. And we can’t forget the BJs for PJs without an emotional tear coming to our eyes. Rand and Lala decided to go all the way and get engaged to seal their hashtag blessed romance. When some of the ladies started getting preggers, Lala wasn’t far behind. Now her collection of baby bottles will have an actual baby to go with them! Even though little Randie has yet to make an appearance, Lala already wants another one.

Stassi had her kid and I’m guessing Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s baby won’t be far behind. Soon you’ll be able to find them at the discounted Mommy and Me classes for fired reality television stars whose failed pregnancy plot to keep people interested resulted in a whole human being. Regardless, babies do have a tendency to bring out the best in people and all of these folks could certainly use help with that.

Lala is pregnant with her first child and is apparently ready for another one. Let’s revisit this after Lala wears those attractive mesh diapers after childbirth. According to Us Weekly, one more kid is the plan. “We’re just gonna make babies,” Lala offered. I’m guessing making babies is on the table as long as Rand is making money. “One more after this. Yeah, I think we’ll be good after that,” Lala said. No word on whether or not the baby will address Rand as Mr. Emmett, as Lala is already calling him Daddy.


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Lala is also co-parenting Randall’s two children from his previous marriage. You know, the marriage that absolutely did not end because Rand had an affair with some young hostess at a restaurant that was being filmed for a show. Lala shared, “Remember the one goal is to make these kids incredible human beings that can go out into the world and take it on, that’s all that matters.” Randall agreed and calls his dynamic with Lala “the most important thing” for his daughters. Also important for his daughters, his relationship with their mother

As we anxiously await the birth of Lala’s first child, the fate of Vanderpump Rules remains to be seen. It’s looking like we may never see the veteran crew handling their lives as first time parents. Taking pulls from a tequila bottle to block out the cries of colic. The amount of time it takes to leave the house now that you are responsible for something that is not a dog. But we’ll surely have the Mommy Influencer attitudes they are going to develop in the wake of not having a tv show. As for Randall and his bride to be, she’ll still be trying to Give Them Lala. The question is, who wanted Lala in the first place?


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