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Dorit Kemsley Says Erika Jayne ‘Pantygate’ Drama Is Biggest Regret From Her Time On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit Reveals That ‘Pantygate’ Is Her Biggest RHOBH Regret

Do I seriously miss the panty-gate days of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I mean, no. That’s not possible. But what else have the women brought us since? I’ll wait. And please, for the love of everything, do not mention puppy-gate. That one left us Vanderpump-less and with Teddi Mellencamp to spare. I don’t even particularly stan LVP, but at least she brought something to the table!

Will the upcoming season 11 of RHOBH finally bring some interest? Honestly, it’s looking pretty good. From the sounds of it, Sutton Stracke is doing some heavy lifting to get us all the Erika Jayne divorce dirt we deserve. The trailer for the season also shows Dorit Kemsely calling out Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement from “widows and orphans.” Let’s keep fingers crossed for some real intrigue!

While Sutton will be hitting her second season stride, Dorit coming for Erika won’t be anything new to viewers. She literally spent an entire season telling everyone about Erika crotch-flashing her husband, PK Kemsley, at a cocktail hour. Her first season at that! The flash was purely accidental, to be clear, but did that matter to rookie Dorit? Nope. She was filmed over and over insinuating that the flash was done on purpose. Not only that, Dorit repeatedly excused her husbands ongoing commentary on the situation with statements like “Sorry, sweetheart but you served it up on a platter, what are you expecting?” Classy.

The entire debacle came to head on the iconic junk-boat episode where Erika famously “come-hithered” Dorit into a screaming match in Hong Kong. It all ended with Erika demanding Dorit and PK apologize to her husband, Tom. Remember when people thought he was not to be trifled with? Feels like a lifetime ago.


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Recently, Dorit did an interview with Us Weekly and shared 25 things viewers may not know about her. She revealed that she doesn’t like sweet potatoes, she didn’t party in college, and her biggest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regret was “pantygate with Erika.” Fascinating.

Dorit joined the RHOBH cast as a friend of Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa has been touted as one of the most manipulative Housewives around. At least by her haters. We also know LVP didn’t get on with Erika from the get. Was she part of Dorit (and PK’s) motivation for relentlessly bringing up “the flash”? Clearly Dorit and Lisa are no longer friends. Has that brought some change in alliance? Is this a subtle dig in Lisa’s direction? Or has Dorit actually figured out that her treatment of Erika was gross?


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