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Crystal Kung Minkoff Accepts Sutton Stracke’s Apology After Culturally Insensitive Remarks

Rumor has it that new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diamond-holder Sutton Stracke is going to be working for that paycheck this year. She’s allegedly the only one to question, rightly so, Erika Jayne’s shady divorce and involvement in Tom Girardi’s legal issues. She’s buddy-buddy with Garcelle Beauvais, who also understands the assignment, particularly when it comes to holding Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards accountable. And in the most recent episode, she got into it with Crystal Kung Minkoff, who also came out of the gates strong with an interesting back story and a little shade here and there.

The Sutton v. Crystal fight was hard to watch. Kyle was explaining to the new RHOBH newbies Garcelle’s point of view, particularly as it pertains to race, when it came to Kyle’s attempt at exposing her for not paying at her charity auction. Crystal began talking about her experience dealing with stereotypes as an Asian woman, something a few other Bravolebrities *cough cough* the Real Housewives of Dallas, could learn a thing or two about.

Sutton cut Crystal off in the middle of her explanation, saying they weren’t “doing that” aka bringing race into the discussion. The Southern Belle dug her hole deeper, saying she deals with stereotypes just like Crystal as a white woman from the South. Crystal asked if Sutton was one of those people that “doesn’t see color,” and it’s clear this feud is far from over after just one episode.

After the episode aired, fans were not happy with Sutton’s dismissive attitude toward Crystal. She got the hint and posted an apology to Crystal on Instagram, promising to do better and listen more. It wasn’t a half-hearted apology other Real Housewives have done in the past, and many fans in the comments commended Sutton for owning up to her wrongdoing. Really, it was the least she could do.

After the post had been up for a bit, Crystal posted a lengthy comment to thank Sutton for doing the right thing. “Your apology means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to many others with similar lived experiences. Asian Americans are often expected not to share their opinions, but despite this stereotype, I believe that everyone deserves to be heard,” she shared.


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Crystal wrote,”I consciously re-wired myself to be outspoken and share my feelings whenever possible and I encourage my children to do the same. Now that my platform has grown, I feel I have a duty to speak up for others who don’t yet feel safe using their own voices. Listening to one another and validating our different experiences and perspectives are how we will all grow as individuals, and as a society. Thank you for that commitment, Sutton.”

Crystal has the right to hold a grudge and write off Sutton after their feud, but she’s being the bigger person and forgiving her castmate. Sutton does sound genuine in her post and its obvious Crystal felt that, despite Sutton saying she wears ugly leather pants. Crystal has started her RHOBH journey with a bang with this feud, and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer to the show. Also, can we get Andy Cohen to give her and Tiffany Moon a spinoff for type-A people? A show where they can teach viewers how to list build and organize a schedule like a pro? Asking for a friend.


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