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Eva Marcille Slams Porsha Williams And Simon Guobadia’s Engagement; Eva Clowns Simon For Calling Himself A “Public Figure”

Housewives new and old, and from cities far and wide, have all weighed in on Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams’ recent trainwreck of an engagement. To sum it up, P got engaged to Simon Guobadia, the almost ex-husband of her old friend Falynn Guobadia, after ONE MONTH of dating. The two moved quicker than quick, with Simon giving his new fiance a fat ring and P getting Simon’s name tattooed ON HER NECK. Not even Bravo producers can make up this complete display of nonsense, which includes cheating allegations, an eyebrow-raising timeline and a whole lot of haters.

Thanks to Shamea Morton’s matchmaking skills, we’ll likely have a Bravo special about one of Porsha’s THREE weddings, as she does seem to be a network darling. Andy Cohen says Porsha just loves love, but some people (Marlo Hampton) believe this entire relationship is one big red flag. Porsha hasn’t had the best luck in love in the past, and getting her old friend’s husband before they’ve signed their names on divorce papers is the ultimate betrayal of girl code. This storyline is already beating the drawn-out #BoloGate, and Bravo hasn’t even begun filming Season 14.

Eva Marcille recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to give her opinion on the entire situation. She began by denying she had any thoughts at all about the relationship until she went into totally slamming Porsha for breaking the girl code and acting like she did nothing wrong on social media. “I take the institution of marriage very seriously. I take commitment and reconciliation very seriously. So I don’t think much about her, outside from the fact that it goes across my Instagram. But we’re not friends,” Eva said. Truthfully, most RHOA fans probably couldn’t care less about Eva’s opinion since she was such a snoozefest during her three seasons on the show. But it just adds another name to the list of people who are on the first train to haterville when it comes to this relationship.

Eva went on to talk about the “funky” situation and the status of her relationship with Porsha. “To be politically correct, I do not like Porsha. She is not my friend. I still would not hook up anyone with Dennis [McKinley] either because there’s a code, you know what I mean? At some point, she was my friend. At some point, we were cool. And for that alone, I wouldn’t do it off of just girl code,” Eva added because she apparently GETS IT. Like Porsha brought Falynn on the show and didn’t even help her negotiate a contract. Now she’s left her in the dust and ran off with her man.


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The RHOA alum also slammed Simon for putting himself in the spotlight as a result of this situation. Wendy asked if Eva knows Simon from around town, which she claims she does not. “I do notice that he just put public figure on his Instagram, so I know he has places here in Atlanta. But Mike [Sterling] and I are a real at-home, steak and cigar bar in the suburbs kind of couple. We’re not the city crew,” Eva said. And that’s on that.

It is curious that Eva has no relationship with Porsha or Tanya Sam, the two ladies suspected to have slept with Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. Yet, she’s the one starring in a Tyler Perry series about strippers alongside Bolo himself. It’s obvious the bridge has been burned as far as Porsha4Real is concerned, considering she’s blocked the Bolo situation and anyone who believes it out of her life. So Eva has nothing to lose, except maybe any chance of an invite to one of Simon and Porsha’s weddings.


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