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Robyn Dixon Says Porsha Williams Should Have Waited To Announce Relationship With Simon Guobadia; Gizelle Bryant Defends Porsha For Engagement

The Real Housewives of Potomac are headed back to our screens this summer, and, as always, they’re going to bring it. At least, as far as I can tell from the first full-length trailer. Karen Huger will be doing what she does best — dogging Gizelle Bryant and giving hilarious one-liners, this time with her new BFF Mia Thornton by her side. Candiace Dillard-Bassett will finally get over the fight with Monique Samuels, but only because Mia’s throwing salad instead of punches in her face this time.

Gizzy always has a lot of opinions about her fellow RHOP ladies and women from other cities, considering her co-host role on Bravo’s Chat Room. She’s shady as hell and loves to bring attention to other people’s drama to avoid having to get real about her own. And because Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is her buddy from Chat Room, everyone in the streets of Potomac knows she has to feel some type of way about Porsha’s new ring from Falynn Guobadia’s SOON TO BE ex-husband Simon Guobadia. 

Gizelle and Robyn Dixon recently appeared on Breakfast Club to talk all things Bravo. The hosts of the radio show wasted no time, asking the pair their feelings about Porsha4Real’s engagement. “We filmed Thursday and she said they got engaged that night and she was like, ‘Oh Gizelle, I wanted to tell you’ but I found out like the rest of the world via the Instagram,” Gizzy said. She added that everyone, including her 82-year-old father, called her to ask for tea about the situation. Like father like daughter.

Gizzy, who stands by her friends whether they’re right or wrong, defended Porsha and her new man. “But it is hard to find love or lust or whatever you’re looking for out here in these streets. So if she found it, I’m happy for her,” she added. Very interesting how this is the one situation Gizelle is NOT being judgemental about.


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And while she’s no longer with her baby daddy and ex-husband Jamal “lives in the phone” Bryant, she said the situation would be different if one of her co-stars went after Pastor Jamal. Because Gizzy loves the drama, as long as it doesn’t involve her.”That would not be cool. Because we are in a little circle, right. But from what I understand, Falynn is gone. Falynn’s no longer going to see Atlanta to save her life so it’s fine,” Gizelle said. Obviously, she’s not part of the hoards of fans (from haterville) calling for Andy Cohen to give Falynn a peach and a fat contract after Porsha brought her on the show in the first place. But never say never. 

“There are boundaries though and we don’t wanna cross boundaries. But, listen, I love Porsha so I’m going to give Porsha a pass on this one,” Gizzy added. The shade. I wonder what Wendy Osefo thinks about this, considering she and Gizelle are feuding because she brought up rumors about Eddie Osefo fathering a side baby. So Gizzy, like Bravo, can defend and reward Porsha for shady AND PROVEN behavior. But when it comes to hearsay about Wendy, she’s apparently just not interesting enough in her eyes to defend. Even though, in my opinion, Wendy has proven she’s very interesting with her four degrees, family drama and, of course, the iconic slithering.


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Robyn, on the other hand, was the “shady one” this time around and thought it was messy of Porsha to disrespect Falynn. “I just wish that they would’ve waited a little more time just to release that. Like, whatever, things happen, but I wasn’t really here for it. It definitely looks pretty shady. I think they should’ve kept it a secret a little bit longer,” Robyn said. I totally agree, but we know Porsha is already talking about having three weddings, with one potentially airing on Bravo. There was no way she wasn’t going to shout this to the world and take every opportunity to talk about her new man. Even if it’s a total violation of the girl code toward Falynn.

Robyn added that Porsha and Simon’s relationship really is “not making sense” to her at all. Same, girl, same. “Like I said, just wait a little while. That was too soon,” she added. Looks like we can add Robyn to the long list of people confused AF about this relationship timeline. 


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