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Ramona Singer Says She Clashes With Sonja Morgan “Over Her Drinking” In New Season Of Real Housewives Of New York

If you have never experienced the effects of over-indulging in adult beverages, one look at any show on Bravo could make you sober forever. Most of the programming revolves around what rich people do when they have too much to drink and too much time on their hands. Over the years, viewers have seen quite a few Bravolebrities come to the realization that they are, in fact, alcoholics. We’ve seen people get on the wagon with the aid of Alcoholics Anonymous and attempt to maintain sobriety, despite the company they keep.

Real Housewives of New York provides plenty of examples. Luann de Lesseps got herself arrested on Christmas Eve one year after Santa poured too many vodka sodas down her throat. Dorinda Medleytook a pause” from the show after she couldn’t clip her own mouth shut because the martinis were flowing. Then we have Sonja Morgan. Sometimes Sonja enjoys her spirits and sometimes those spirits possess her soul and cause her to fall out of chairs. Now Ramona Singer says Season 13 will find her friendship with Sonja in peril, and she’s blaming it on the alcohol.

The RHONY trailer gave us many gifts. We can look forward to Leah McSweeney in pasties. Leah giving a lap dance. And Leah calling the ladies “hoes”. It will be a whirlwind of class and sophistication and plenty of drinks will be on board. Fans also got a glimpse of Lady Morgan. Sonja might have vacationed in Gstaad with JFK Jr. and Gary Coleman back in the day, but she has not returned from her holiday with wine – or at least something with a 15% ABV.

Ramona spoke with the Daily Mail and revealed Sonja’s affection for a heavy pour has put a crimp in their friendship. “Sonja is like a sister to me – I love her to death,” I will give Ramona this. For all of her antics, she has had Sonja’s back more than most. But even Ramona has boundaries. “She [Sonja] and I have some conflict over her drinking this season.”


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Ramona has expressed concerns about Sonja’s partying before. Back in 2016, Sonja got mad at Ramona for outing a similar issue with drinking, but also revealed Son was throwing tranquillizers in the mix. Allegedly.

As you can imagine, this did not go over very well with Lady Morgan. I’m guessing Sonja didn’t take any of Ramona’s wise words to heart because here we are. Ramona added, “You know, drinking can sometimes be your worst enemy, I mean, Lu showed that a few seasons ago,” she explained. God bless Ramona, she will dig like Indiana Jones if she thinks even a slight insult can be found somewhere.


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Don’t get it twisted though, Ramona is just looking out for her friend, “I don’t want the same thing to happen to Sonja.” Does she mean, happen to Sonja again? Son already has one mug shot from a 2010 DWI arrest. Ramona also expressed concern when Sonja had a breakdown in the Berkshires in 2019, which was valid. And if the Berkshires incident didn’t scare you straight, maybe Sonja’s black out in Miami that same season did. Apparently having the EMTs called and thinking it was still 1997 was the result of “never having rum before“. Jan would like a word and the word is, “sure”.

It looks like Sonja is going another round with her love of a good time. Many of the Housewives walk a fine line between getting the party started and knowing when the party is over. Thankfully for Sonja, her good friend Ramona will be there calling her out, every step of the way.


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