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Kelly Dodd Hopes Erika Jayne “Does The Right Thing”; Says She “Cried So Hard For Those Victims” While Watching Hulu Documentary About Erika And Tom Girardi

Everyone from the check-out person at Publix to high-ranking attorneys seems to have something to say about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne. The only people not discussing Erika’s trials and tribulations are the members of the coveted and exclusive group, Fox Force Five. Erika’s solid group of loyal friends tried calling themselves The Golden Girls, but alas, the name was taken and Bea Arthur’s ghost wants nothing to do with this mess. It appears the ladies bound by trust honor integrity television have sanctioned a vow of silence on their team-member’s struggles and only speak to the media when Lisa Vanderpump sneezes.

Other Bravolebrities have EJ on the brain and have publicly commented on her situation. Former Real Housewives of Orange County spitfire Kelly Dodd pretty much comments on everything right after she refreshes a webpage. No one is safe and Erika’s legal matters haven’t been spared. Recently Kelly had a viewing of the Hulu documentary detailing Erika and Tom Girardi’s nefarious charges. So Kelly decided to perform a public service and lend a voice of support to the widows and orphans.

Kelly is back at it after taking down fellow fired alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke (I will not miss typing this woman’s name constantly, sorry Braunie), Golnesa Gharachedaghi from Shahs of Sunset, and now she’s messing with Erika and the continuing fallout from The Housewife and the Hustler.

Poor Kel clutched her pearls over the horrid tales of Tom and Erika’s financial and moral shenanigans, so she went right to Page Six’s Instagram post about the saga to share her thoughts. Kelly wrote, “I just watched that last night and I cried so hard for those victims. Why did her lawyers drop her? If I were her I would sell all my stuff and give it to those victims that were hustled for 40 years. Act in good faith.”


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Good for Kelly, she has a great point! Bad for Kelly, people suffering the loss of loved ones from the Coronavirus she openly mocked would like to chat about acting in good faith. Thankfully Kelly wasn’t involved in allegedly stealing money or harming others, unless you count her mom who may or may not like to avoid stairs. Kelly’s original point stands because she previously labeled Tom a crook, which is accurate, but she’s regularly hypocritical. So, you know, consider the source.

Page Six was thrilled with their new bestie and reached out to Kel for further comment. Via her rep, Kelly offered the following advice to Erika, “Whether she [Erika] knew or not at the time, she knows now and I still hope she’ll do the right thing.” Kelly isn’t wrong and most people would probably agree with this sentiment. Though in reality, no one in a clear state of mind would ever consult Kelly about “doing the right thing” unless it involved mallets and singing bowls.


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Obviously Erika has not acknowledged Kelly’s remarks because the only thing Erika has spoken on is how offended she was people were shocked at her casual gas station attire. No displays of emotion or regret about needy clients waiting for money, just pissed because people thought she looked bad and said so. But don’t fret about Erika, she’s staying the course and in a few minutes Kelly will move on to someone else. At the end of the day, Erika might be drowning in court cases, ugly charges, and reduced to pumping fuel without her extensions, but unlike Kelly, she still has a job.


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