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Kelly Dodd Calls Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi “A Crook”

Kelly Dodd is not known for mincing words, and that’s basically what makes her popular with certain people. She has been on Real Housewives of Orange County since Season 11, and the lack of filter on her mouth combined with her lack of patience for Vicki Gunvalson endeared to her a large audience. Kelly has weathered several storms on camera, including quite possibly the most erratic weather system that appears at least once a year, Shannon Storms Beador.

Kelly makes a point of letting people know exactly what’s on her mind and it often works against her. She goes for shock value and doesn’t care if the results place her in an unflattering light. Either way, it keeps her name in people’s mouths, which makes Andy Cohen happy. That said, her problematic personality does lend itself to humor… sometimes. She might not be drowning in pesky things like facts, but she can be funny. Recently Kelly and her husband have been traveling on the East Coast and chilling with friends. But don’t worry, she packed her mask the sarcasm in a carry-on bag.

Kelly and husband Rick Leventhal have been hooking up with buddies in the Hamptons and we have spotted some familiar faces on her social media. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider hung out with Kelly and Rick, even Evan Goldschneider took a break from the gym and joined in the fun. Kelly also stopped by to check out Ramona Singer’s sprawling pad, no word on whether or not Kel and Ramona teamed up to do a Ted Talk on viral mutations.

Kelly and Rick also visited famed attorney, Arthur Aidala. Kelly shared a family shot on Instagram with the caption, “Thanks Arthur Aidala for having us over … it’s nice to have a high powered attorney on your side. #goodtimes #greatfamily” The screenshot was also posted to Twitter.


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Pardon me, Jen Shah is holding on line one and would like a free consult. If anyone needs a high-powered attorney on standby, it’s probably Kelly, bless her heart. Listen you never know when someone is going to have a moment and shove their mom down a flight of stairs. One of Kelly’s fans attempted to drop some advice in the comments.

The follower wrote, “I bet Erika [Jayne] thought it was nice to have a high powered attorney on her side, too. Go out and BE the high powered attorney, ladies! Never rely on a man!.” Come through, Helen Reddy! Never one to miss an opportunity to avoid the jugular, Kelly responded, “My attorney isn’t a crook.” The judges have ruled game, set, and match go to Ms. Leventhal for this very brief tournament. I don’t find myself agreeing with Kelly ever often, but this time she ain’t wrong.


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This isn’t Kelly’s first tango at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills target class. Recently she engaged with Lisa Vanderpump over a rogue bill that may or may not have been paid. And it’s currently open season on Erika and estranged husband, Tom Girardi. At this time, Kelly has yet to call Big Tommy a “little bitch”, but we’ll keep you posted. We still don’t know if Kelly will return to RHOC when the hiatus concludes but one thing is certain, she has kept her mouth at the ready and she carries her snarkiness like a weapon. Stay tuned, it’s almost wabbit season in Orange County.


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