Kyle Richards Weighs In On Lisa Rinna Making Denise Richards “Own It” While “Giving Space” To Erika Jayne Amid Divorce And Legal Accusations

The time finally came during this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Erika Jayne to do some talking about her divorce. And in true Erika fashion, she was vague and shady about the whole thing. Erika told a story of feeling alone and sad in her house so she decided to pack up her things and leave Tom Girardi after dropping him off at work. This comes days after she was literally filmed praising the man she had been with for over two decades. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the mounting accusations that Tom embezzled settlement funds from his clients to afford he and EJ’s XXPen$ive lifestyle (not). The episode, to me, looked like Erika’s attempt at putting her own spin on the divorce to continue this scapegoat narrative. But I get people have mixed opinions, so only time will tell.

And her fellow RHOBH ladies, who typically love a good gang-up, were totally fine with their “friend” giving minimal details about her divorce with a stone-cold demeanor. And the whole thing felt icky. Tom literally (and allegedly) stole from victims of horrible accidents to put directly in EJ’s bank account. Yet she’s trying to act tough on Twitter with her subtweets like she’s not totally under investigation for this whole thing as well. Erika has reached real-life Disney villain status and it’s not a good look for her.

After this week’s RHOBH, Crystal Kung Minkoff and the lovable Kathy Hilton appeared on Watch What Happens Live for some much-needed comic relief. Kyle Richards was in the audience to watch her sister, and Andy Cohen made her answer some questions about Erika. Andy turned to Kyle and mentioned that because she’s been on the show for so long, a lot of viewers are finding it “hypocritical” that Lisa Rinna “wants to give [Erika] space” even though she led the crusades about #puppygate with Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville’s alleged hookup. “What’s your reaction to that?” Andy asked. Mic drop.

Kyle began by clarifying that the footage is from over 6 months ago, “so we were just getting information as it was all unfolding.” “And to be fair, Rinna is a lot closer with Erika than she was with Denise, but we didn’t know anything. We still don’t really know what’s going on,” Kyle replied. Alright, so Kyle’s pleading the fifth, but is anyone surprised? I’m just waiting for Sutton Stracke to show off her diamond status by going in on Erika and actually asking her some tough questions.


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One Twitter user replied to WWHL posting on the clip and perfectly summed up my feelings about Kyle’s response.  “Kyle saying Lisa Rinna was closer to Erika than she was to Denise made me scream,” the fan wrote. “Lisa was best friends with Denise for YEARS. She only met Erika from the show, and they never even seemed particularly close. The DELUSION.” I think both EJ and Rinna wanted to seem more likable so they try to sell fans on their contrived Lucy and Ethel friendship. But we’ve never seen them have an honest, heartfelt conversation about struggles in either of their personal lives.

Erika is really being more of an actor throughout this legal debacle and divorce than she is a reality TV star. Leave that to Denise, sweetie. But I’m not surprised — she’s always given a shallow vibe on the show. That’s also why I have a hard time feeling bad for her “losing everything” in this divorce. Your husband allegedly went through $80 million in cash to afford your lifestyle. And as someone who says she came from nothing, you have to have some common sense about where the money is coming from.


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And Rinna’s going to be by her side to help put the spotlight on anything but the real issue going on. I feel like Kim Richards screaming “LET’S TALK ABOUT THE HUSBAND” while watching this entire Erika debacle go down. But she can deflect all she wants, her time in court will reveal the truth.


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