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Erika Jayne Recommends $1,800 Skincare Routine Amidst Embezzlement Case

Similar to Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Erika Jayne’s extraness has proven to be her downfall. Both Jen and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star have bragged about their extravagant lifestyles, only to be caught up in embezzlement and fraud lawsuits that could lead to jail time. Or at the very least, a complete shake-up of their XXPen$ive lifestyles. It just goes to show that all that glitters is not gold. 

Erika’s husband Tom Girardi is truly in some deep shitThe longtime L.A. lawyer has had his assets frozen and lost his license to practice law after being accused of embezzling more than $26 million in unpaid funds to victims of horrific accidents. The lawyer stole the money from victims to fund he and EJ’s extravagant lifestyle, which is just downright evil. To add to the craziness, Erika filed for divorce around the same time news of the lawsuit broke, looking like a last-ditch attempt for her to recover her assets. Even though she’s claiming her 81-year-old husband with failing health somehow had the time to cheat on her while swindling millions from his clients. Rich people problems, am I right?

Erika Girardi isn’t exactly in the clear, even though she’s crying scapegoat and getting her co-stars to run a sympathy campaign for her. But the proof is in the pudding, and she’s fair-game for an investigation. Even the feds are tuning in to RHOBH now, and I wonder what they think of Sutton Stracke’s crying or Kathy Hilton’s antics? They’re definitely taking plenty of notes of how EJ bragged about her love for Tom just DAYS before filing for divorce. Messy, messy.

Erika has spent seasons giving us no real drama and distracting viewers with the smoke and mirrors of $40k a month glam and outrageous fashions. But it all was a lie, and her extravagance on the current season just makes viewers shake their heads in disgust.

Because she’s the queen of being tone-deaf, Glamour recently released an article where Erika talks about her skincare routine. The kicker? It totals more than $1,800 worth of products. Like hello, FBI, are you reading this?? She probably had to sell quite a few outfits to afford the past few months’ supply.


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The list of her recommended products includes two face oils each valued at more than $200, two moisturizers that total close to $400, and a cream for her BUST, yes just her CHEST AREA, that totals $300. Like, come on. Not even a Hollywood director could create a villain so cruel.

In the article, Erika says it’s because she’s almost 50 and she considers grooming to be a reflection of her “overall health.” She’s in for quite a rude awakening if this whole situation does end up with her behind bars. I don’t think they sell $105 eye cream in the commissary.


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