Jennifer Aydin Claims Teresa Giudice Didn’t Want To Film With Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Spin-Off Show

Jennifer Aydin has come a long way since telling anyone who would listen about the 94 bathrooms in her luxurious Paramus estate. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star likes to have a good time and once she’s enjoyed some tequila, she tends to then enjoy the floor. Jen spends a lot of energy running her mouth and navigating relationships with the rest of the cast, but Teresa Giudice is her meal ticket and she knows it.

Jen has never been fond of Melissa Gorga, but to be fair, no one seems fond of Melissa Gorga – including her sister-in-law. Teresa has always felt some type of way about her brother’s wife, and didn’t initially appreciate their inclusion on RHONJ. Now Melissa has been on the show long enough to apparently be considered an All-Star, along with Teresa. According to Jennifer, Teresa is feeling some type of way about this as well.

At least once a season, Melissa has to toss a charcuterie board at Jennifer’s side of the table while they maintain the same discourse they’ve shared since Jen’s debut. It’s a refreshing change of pace for Melissa who usually spends her free time trying to explain words to Teresa and ultimately giving up because explaining anything to Teresa requires a level of patience no normal human being has.

Melissa and Teresa have made arguing a thing for so long, it’s hard to imagine RHONJ without it. Who is Melissa if she isn’t fighting with Tre and selling fake Chanel at Envy? Recently OGs from numerous Housewives franchises were tapped to take part in an All-Star special filmed in Turks & Caicos. Nothing of an OG nature is going down without Tre, but much to her alleged dismay, Melissa was told to pack her bags as well. According to Teresa’s soldier buddy Jen, Tre was bummed when Melissa got the call. Reality Blurb shared the details.


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On a recent Slut Pig podcast, Jennifer said, “The way that I saw that they casted, I was under the assumption that they picked the ones that had the most longevity on the show, so actually it made sense to me that it was Melissa and Teresa.” The fact is, Melissa might not be able to stand on her own, but her SIL does not have that issue. Teresa flips tables and goes to jail, Melissa, honestly I’m not entirely sure what Melissa does tbh.

Jen continued, “I mean, Teresa did say, ‘I wish I was going with you or Dolores [Catania]. What am I gonna do with her [Melissa]?’ But I was like, ‘No, you guys will have fun!’ And she’s like, ‘It is what it is’.” Then it apparently looked like Jen might have regretted saying too much – but it’s Jen, so she powered through the moment. “But listen, Teresa didn’t say that because she has a problem with Melissa.” SURE, JAN. “She just has such a good time with me and Dolores. So, she was just like, ‘I wish I was going with my two really good girlfriends.’ I was like, ‘Sorry, Teresa, you can do all the work like usual.'”


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Right on schedule! The Jen Suck Up Train never misses a stop at Teresa’s house, that’s for damn sure. Of course Tre would have had a better time with Jen or Dolores. Tre could have had a better time with a pair of Juicy sweatpants from 2004 because they arguably might have more personality than Melissa. But for now, Melissa doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and Jennifer will just have to prepare to duck for the next batch of flying cheese that comes her way.


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