Camille Grammer Thinks Real Housewives Stars Are “Fearful” Of Erika Jayne

Camille Grammer left Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Season 9. According to Camille, she wasn’t offered a contract, and it was all because of Kyle Richards. Camille was a mess at the reunion, so I’m not surprised that she didn’t want to be part of the RHOBH cast.

What has been a delightful surprise is Camille’s Twitter game this season. She has been sounding off on all things RHOBH, and I am here for it! Camille roasted Erika Jayne for crying and using non-waterproof mascara.

Dorit Kemsley brought up the fact that Garcelle Beauvais accidentally revealed that Tom Girardi was still calling his estranged wife, Erika. Camille accused of Dorit of trying to “gaslight” Garcelle.

The RHOBH alum also spilled some details about how she learned about Tom’s financial troubles years ago. @bravobybetches on Instagram shared a screenshot of an exchange between Camille and a fan. The follower asked if Camille had previously heard the rumors about Tom’s money issues. “Yes. One of the housewives mentioned it at Andy’s [Cohen] baby shower,” Camille responded. In January of 2019, Kyle gave Andy a baby shower packed with Housewives.


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A follower on Twitter asked Camille for another hint about who spilled the beans about Tom. Camille responded, “A west coast HW. A so called ‘good friend’ of hers.” Kyle’s former friend-turned-foe Lisa Vanderpump hinted that it was Kyle who gossiped behind Erika’s back. Lisa can’t resist an opportunity to poke at her former friend.

On October 5, 2021, Camille hit up Twitter again. (There is some rough grammar ahead.) “To set the record straight it was Kyle who told me Tom was in trouble during @Andy baby shower,” Camille wrote. “I was surprised that Kyle was acting chummy chummy with Erika. Erika even when on to call Kyle the Queen of #RHOBH Crazy rt?!?!” Of course, Kyle denied spreading the rumor.

During Part 1 of the Season 11 RHOBH reunion, Dorit and Lisa Rinna came for Garcelle. Dorit was hoping that screaming at Garcelle would somehow make her relevant. Rinna and Garcelle fought about Denise, and Garcelle let it go. Garcelle admitted that she doesn’t trust Rinna, but they hugged it out and decided to move forward. Good luck with that!

Camille was also watching the reunion, and she wasn’t happy that Garcelle was being slammed while Erika and her legal woes weren’t vigorously addressed.


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Camille responded to a tweet about Garcelle. The post was a photo of Garcelle from the reunion, and the caption said, “I don’t need to do anything to stay relevant, let me just say that! -Garcelle, who has been working in Hollywood for nearly 40 years #RHOBH.” Camille tweeted, “Bravo Garcelle!!” with the clapping hands emoji.

The_bravo_chicks shared a screenshot of Camille’s conversation about Erika. “Why are the ladies coming for Garcelle? #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH,” Camille posted. A fan responded, “Fox force five sticking together, like they did when they came after you. X.” Camille replied, “True.”

Another follower said, “Because they are too afraid to go after Erika. She must have dirt on them or something.” Camille tweeted, “They do seem fearful of Erika.”

Camille is a Twitter gangster, and her comments have added so much to this season. Please don’t stop.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo)